Kim D Calls Melissa and Joe Gorga Con Artists on a Radio Show

Kim DePaola is officially firing shots. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star sat down with Domenick Nati to discuss her castmates, and she didn’t hold back. Kim D not only threw shade at Teresa Giudice and her rumored relationship with a 26-year-old boy toy, but she also took aim at Melissa and Joe Gorga. According to Kim DePaola, Melissa and Joe Gorga are alleged scam artist too; she claims the only difference between the Gorgas and the Giudices is that Teresa and Joe got caught.

Joe Gorga has been sued multiple times

Gorga, who owns several businesses, including a home building operation, has been sued as recently as 2018. According to court documents, a lawsuit was filed against Gorga alleging that the businesman stiffed Starlite windows on a $17,000 bill. Page Six obtained court documents that detail Starlite’s grievance, but neither Starlite nor the Gorgas have commented on the situation.

Kim DePaola and Teresa Giudice
Kim DePaola and Teresa Giudice (Photo by John Lamparski/WireImage)

It isn’t the first time the businessman has found himself in court over a lawsuit. In 2017, Gorga was sued by a tenant for a slip and fall incident, and Melissa Gorga found herself named in a $30 million lawsuit for defamation. Andy Cohen, NBC Universal and Sirens Media were also named in the suit.

According to People, Jackie Beard Robinson entered into a business deal with Gorga in 2015. The pair parted ways, but Robinson claims she was defamed on RHONJ after she returned to the store she shared with Gorga to collect the merchandise that belonged to her. Robison goes on to allege that Gorga misappropriated funds and profits from the partnership.

Kim D spills tea on the Gorgas

While Melissa and Joe Gorga’s legal troubles are not news, Kim D. took to The Domenick Nati Show to verify some information. Kim D. alleges that Melissa Gorga is the best liar in the RHONJ franchise. She asserts that Gorga’s picture-perfect image is a façade and that Melissa is a ruthless businesswoman who has no problem scamming people.

Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga
Melissa Gorga and Joe Gorga (Photo by Donna Ward/WireImage)

Kim D. went on to suggest Joe Gorga is nothing but a con artist, too. She spoke to Nati about two instances in which she knew people directly harmed by Gorga. During the talk show, DePaola claimed Gorga is known in New Jersey for working with small business owners and then stiffing them on payments. Because the small business operations are not nearly as powerful as the Gorga family, they are incapable of fighting back. 

Kim D. told the story of a small window installer who was stiffed by Teresa’s brother. The story seems to align with the ongoing lawsuit, but Kim D. did not mention if the story she offered was directly related to the 2018 lawsuit filed against Joe Gorga.