’13 Reasons Why’ Boss Teases What’s To Come in a ‘Supersized’ Series Finale

The Netflix smash-hit, 13 Reasons Why, will conclude this summer with season 4, and fans are wondering how the story will end. While the cast and crew have kept mum about specifics, showrunner, Brian Yorkey, teased what he calls a ‘supersized finale.’ Here’s what he said about the series ending.

'13 Reasons Why' Cast, Miles Heizer, Justin Prentice and Alisha Boe
’13 Reasons Why’ Cast, Miles Heizer, Justin Prentice and Alisha Boe | Amber De Vos/Getty Images for Netflix

The ’13 Reasons Why’ backstory

13 Reasons Why is based on the novel of the same name by author, Jay Asher. Like the book, the first season of the series follows the events leading up to the tragic death of Hannah Baker. The series continues the narrative in subsequent seasons, with stories surrounding the characters affected by Hannah’s passing.

Yorkey spoke with Entertainment Weekly about why he chose to expand the story over seasons 2 through 4, rather than following an anthology model. The outlet quoted him as saying this:

Over the course of making the first season, we fell in love with these characters and wanted to know what happened next. And at that time, I wouldn’t say there was a plan, but you begin to think, “It would be interesting to follow these kids.” Because at the end of the first season they’re all just beginning to deal with the fallout of what has happened. We felt it would be interesting to watch how these characters deal and feel over the course of more time. I think that’s the extent of the actual plan that we had, just to continue to follow the characters. Our North Star has always been that the inciting incident of the whole series is Hannah’s death and the tapes she leaves behind, and so we want to follow that to its logical conclusion, and I think and hope that’s what we do in season 4.

Brian Yorkey to Entertainment Weekly

The final season of the show will only have 10 episodes

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Each episode of 13 Reasons Why Season 1 centered around a different cause for Hannah’s death by suicide. In a series of cassette tapes, Hannah pinpointed the actions of peers and trusted adults that deeply affected her. Seasons 2 and 3 followed suit with 13 episodes each, following the aftermath of Hannah’s passing as well as other poignant turning points in the lives of those left behind.

Unlike the previous three seasons, 13 Reasons Why Season 4 will wrap up with only 10 episodes. When speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Yorkey explained the reasoning behind the shorter season, saying, “It served the story better.”

Yorkey went on to explain, “At this point, heading into season 4, it was like, “We’ve given them 39 reasons why at least, so I feel like we can say, yes, the show is still called 13 Reasons Why, this season is 10 episodes.” It’s the right number, you’ll see that when we get to the end.”

The series will end with a ‘supersized’ finale

Fans need not fret over the 10-episode final season of 13 Reasons Why, because Yorkey promises an extended finale. In his interview with Entertainment Weekly, the showrunner dished these details:

“I’m incredibly proud of our finale episode. I think it’s very special and it’s also supersized. It’s a supersized finale, so even if people aren’t super happy with the ending, at least they can’t say we were stingy.”

Fans can catch the first three seasons of 13 Reasons Why streaming now on Netflix. The fourth and final season of the show will launch on June 5.

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