15 Royals Who Married Their Relatives

You may recall there was some hoopla and speculation Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are actually distant cousins. While the concept may sound bonkers to most of us, it isn’t unheard of among the British royal family. In fact, there are multiple infamous royals throughout history who have wed members of their own family. Here are 15 royals who have married their relatives. (We were surprised when we found out the royal on page 11 was married to one of his cousins all this time!)

1. Queen Victoria

A portrait of Queen Victoria | Photos.com/ Getty Images Plus

Queen Victoria is widely remembered for her long eventful tenure as monarch. But she was also responsible for a lot of intermarriage among Europe’s royal families in an effort to keep peace during her six-decade reign. Victoria herself was married to her first cousin, Prince Albert — a marriage largely put together by one of their uncles, Leopold.

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