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The Duggar family became a source of national fascination when the TLC show based on their lives premiered in 2008. 17 Kids and Counting had to be renamed to 19 Kids and Counting when the Duggar parents, Jim Bob and Michelle, kept having more babies. Now they have 19 kids and 12 grandkids.

One of the reasons the Duggars became so popular was because they didn’t act like so many other families do. As members of a strict form of Christianity called Independent Baptist, the Duggars don’t watch popular shows or movies. They don’t have Santa during Christmas (it’s a holiday that’s all about Jesus instead). Women never wear pants, kids are homeschooled, and children don’t date, ever. Instead, they court one another and don’t kiss until their wedding day.

But just because the Duggar kids had to follow their parents’ rules while they were living at home, it doesn’t mean they still do. Plenty of Duggar kids have rebelled against the strict family protocol a time or two.

Read on to see who broke the rules and what shocking things they did.

1. Jill Duggar wore shorts and a tank top

Jill Duggar in shorts
Jill Duggar in shorts | derickdillard via Instagram

The women of the Duggar family wear long skirts and dresses exclusively. That’s why fans were so surprised when Jill’s husband posted a picture of her – in shorts!

Apparently, Jill’s husband Derek Dillard is fine with it, so Jill chose to branch out her apparel choices despite what her father might think. The shorts were knee length at least, but they were still a far cry from the modest, loose long sleeved dresses she wore growing up.

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