‘1883’: This Disturbing Fan Theory May Be the Darkest Yet

1883 is undoubtedly a very dark show. The series follows the early Dutton family as they travel with a group of immigrants in the hopes of a better life. Before the group even leaves Texas their numbers begin to dwindle. Many viewers are understandably predicting more tragedies to come. However, this fan theory may be the darkest one yet.

LaMonica Garrett as Thomas and Sam Elliott as Shea of the Paramount+ original series 1883. Shea sits on his horse and Thomas stands next to him.
LaMonica Garrett as Thomas and Sam Elliott as Shea of the Paramount+ original series ‘1883’ | Emerson Miller/Paramount+

The groups’ numbers are dwindling in ‘1883’

No one thought the journey West would be easy, but it’s shocking to see just how many people have died already in 1883. Several immigrants drowned during the first river crossing. Others died from animal attacks and accidents. In a conflict with bandits, Ennis the cowboy was also killed.

Things only got bleaker in 1883 Episode 7. While traveling across the plains, the group encountered a tornado. Luckily no one died, but several of their wagons were completely destroyed. For the first time, Shea suggests that they turn back, telling Thomas the immigrants won’t make it.

This may be the darkest ‘1883’ theory yet

From flashbacks seen in Yellowstone, fans know that James, Margaret, and John are still alive in 1893. However, Town and Country suggest that they may be the only people in the group who survive the journey. This would mean Shea, Thomas, Elsa, and the immigrants meet their end sometime during the trip.

In 1883 Episode 7 the group finally enter the Oklahoma territory. Shea mentions that the closest place they can get more wagons is in Denver which is quite a ways away. Thomas questions what they will eat, to which Shea replies, “Cattle if we can find ’em. Horses if we can’t.” Luckily the cattle are recovered, but that doesn’t mean food won’t be an issue.

Some fans have suggested one of the darkest fates that could befall the group. “We keep hearing low supplies. With winter likely part of their journey now, I wonder if they’d do a Donner Pass-type story,” a fan wrote on Reddit. The Donner Party was a group of immigrants attempting to travel West to California in 1846.

According to history.com, a snowstorm stranded the Donner Party at Truckee Lake. The strongest members of the party went to find help, and, with nothing else to eat, ended up resorting to cannibalism when members of their group died. Now, some viewers think that Shea’s group will resort to cannibalism as well.

Will Shea Brennan’s group make it to Oregon?

It’s beginning to seem less and less likely that Shea, Thomas, and the immigrants will make it to Oregon. The Duttons must part ways from the group at some point, so it’s possible that the immigrants will stay behind and settle in Kansas or Colorado while the Duttons continue to Montana.

It’s also possible that while the Duttons stay in Montana, Shea’s group will continue to Oregon. They may even end up enduring a harsh winter that could lead to acts of cannabilism.

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