‘1883’: There’s a Hilarious Story Behind Audie Rick’s ‘What Does F*** Mean?’ Line

1883 has a wide range of talented actors, from Sam Elliott to Tim McGraw. The Yellowstone prequel’s youngest talent is 5-year-old Audie Rick, who portrays John Dutton Sr. In episode 6, Thomas hires a foul-mouthed cook to help out on the journey. Cookie accidentally teaches John the F word, and there’s a very cute story about Rick saying the infamous line.

Audie Rick as John of the Paramount+ original series 1883. John stands near the cook's pots and pans.
Audie Rick as John of the Paramount+ original series ‘1883’ | Emerson Miller/Paramount+

Thomas hires a cook in ‘1883’ Episode 6

It’s very apparent that the immigrants in 1883 are struggling to do much of anything for themselves. In episode 6, the group arrives at Doan’s Crossing. Thomas sets out to hire a cook and finds a man who is only referred to as “Cookie.” This new addition to the group has quite a mouth on him.

In episode 7, Cookie begins yelling profanities after one of the immigrants begins to serve himself food. After Cookie’s outburst, John asks Margaret, “What does f*** mean, mama?” A hilarious scene follows where Margaret slaps Cookie and threatens to stab him with a fork if he uses that word in front of John again.

There’s a hilarious story behind Audie Rick’s line in ‘1883’

Of course, the cast and crew of 1883 generally tried to avoid profanity around Audie Rick, but the actor’s line in episode 7 was an exception. On Rick’s official Instagram page, run by his mother, she shared a story about filming that scene.

“So Audie knew this line was coming all day, he was waiting for it!” she wrote. “At 5 years old we had a big talk about words written for John to say that Audie is NOT allowed to even mutter. He practiced saying it once all the way through (mom wouldn’t let him say it more than once for practice).”


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“Finally, the time comes for his lines- cameras in place, rehearsals over, he’s ready,” she continued. “Before they yell action something made Faith say, ‘oh s***’ and she immediately says, ‘oops, sorry, I meant oh shoot!’ Someone was joking around and goes, ‘Mama, what does s*** mean?’ Super funny considering Audie’s standing right there and all the cast is so great about keeping it G rated around him.”

“Few minutes later they reset, yell action, Audie looks up and sure enough goes, ‘Mama, what does s*** mean? … F***. What does f*** mean?’ The funniest thing he’s done on set and totally innocent. He had no clue!” Rick’s mother also assured fans that the young actor hasn’t uttered the forbidden word since then.

How is Audie Rick’s ‘1883’ character related to John Dutton from ‘Yellowstone’?

1883 is the prequel story to the modern-day Duttons seen in Yellowstone. John is a family name, and Rick’s character in 1883 is the great-grandfather of Kevin Costner’s character in Yellowstone. Thankfully fans already know that James, Margaret, and John make it to Montana safely, but the journey ahead is riddled with danger and far from over.

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