2 ‘Alone’ Spinoff Shows to Watch After Season 9

Alone recently wrapped up season 9 with a brand new champion making it out of the wilderness. Season 10 of the reality TV series may not be coming for some time, but the History channel recently debuted two new spinoff shows to watch to satisfy your Alone craving. Here are two Alone spinoff shows you can watch after season 9. 

‘Alone: The Skills Challenge” features past contestants showing off their abilities

The cast of Alone: Frozen on the History Channel
Alone: Frozen | History Channel

Alone: The Skills Challenge brings back three former participants to see who is the most ingenious and skilled builder for the wilderness. Competitors will be building many things from shelters to ovens and various watercraft. Challengers will be building these survival architecture structures on their own terrain, meaning there will be a lot less risk for the participants this time around.  

According to Variety, the former Alone competitors returning for this spinoff are Callie North (Season 3), Lucas Miller (Season 1), Amós Rodriguez (Season 7), Britt Ahart (seasons three and five), Jordan Jonas (Season 6), Joel Van Der Loon (Season 7), and Clay Hayes (Season 8). The 12-episode first season of The Skills Challenge premiered on Aug. 4 and premieres every Thursday at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT. 

‘Alone: Frozen’ drops competitors in a harsh, chilling environment

Alone: Frozen is similar to the main series but with a chilling twist. Six competitors return to put their survival skills to the test in an unforgiving winter environment. The series takes place in Labrador, Canada, the same setting as Alone season 9. Participants will have to endure the harsh weather along with cold-weather predators, such as a dense population of polar bears. 

With only a few supplies and their past experience, contestants will be given up to 50 days in this environment. The survivalists who make it to the end will earn their share of a $500,000 cash prize. According to Variety, the returning contestants include Greg Ovens (Season 3), Woniya Thibeault (Season 6), Callie Russell (Season 7), Mark D’Ambrosio (Season 7), Amós Rodriguez (Season 7), and Michelle Finn (Season 8). 

The first episode of Alone: Frozen premiered on Aug. 11 and airs at 9 p.m. ET/PT. 

Where can I watch season 9 of ‘Alone’?

Past seasons of Alone can be viewed on Hulu, Netflix, and Discovery+. All 11 episodes of season 9 can be viewed on the History channel’s website. Alone season 9 introduced several new elements into the series including a predator, the polar bear. In addition, viewers could check out two new digital shows: The Ride Back which focuses on the emotions of participants before they tap out, and Shelter from the Storm, a detailed look at the shelters that participants build.  

In terms of season 10, the History Channel has been quiet about the series being renewed. However, it’s doubtful that the network would pull the plug on one of its most popular shows. The most recent seasons have been filmed in the Fall of each year so it’s possible that we’ll know more as the summer wraps up. 

Alone Season 9 can be viewed on history.com

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