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Whether you’re a Barchie stan or a Bug stan, there are a few kissing moments that come and go throughout Riverdale. There’s even one kiss between Veronica and Betty that led some fans to ship these best friends together. 

Betty and Veronica kissed during season 1 of ‘Riverdale’

Veronica Lodge and Betty Cooper, commonly referred to as “Beronica” among fans, have been friends since Veronica moved to Riverdale. Her family’s history complicated her relationship with a few people in the town. However, these girls always had each others’ backs. 

That includes when Betty tried out for the cheerleading team in front of the captain, Cheryl Blossom. Of course, Cheryl wasn’t into this fresh meat, even though Veronica brought plenty of sass to her audition. It wasn’t until Veronica grabbed Betty and kissed her that she really caught Cheryl’s attention.

This moment also caught the attention of many viewers. Did Betty and Veronica like each other? According to the actor behind one of these characters, it wasn’t a romatic kiss, even though it did get the job done.

Cast members from the show 'Riverdale' Casey Cott, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Ashleigh Murray
Cast members from the show ‘Riverdale’ Casey Cott, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, and Ashleigh Murray | C Flanigan/FilmMagic

Do Betty and Veronica ever date on ‘Riverdale?’

No, these two characters are just best friends. During one interview with Den of Geek, actor Camila Mendes shared her thoughts on either character and their sexuality. Veronica even explicitly stated her identity, but she could potentially be bisexual, according to the actor.

“I mean, that moment, I don’t think it was supposed to be a romantic one,” Mendes said. “I think that was a way to kind of get Cheryl’s attention, you know? Veronica is a manipulative person. She just kind of wanted to take hold of the situation.” 

“But that being said, I do think it would be out of the question for her to be bisexual and maybe she is,” she continued. “Maybe that’s something that could be explored one day. It’s not something we’ve really decided on. But, if it were the case, why not?”


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A few rotating relationships happen throughout this series

There’s a lot of deaths and murder in Riverdale, but there’s also a lot of love. Cheryl and Toni have been pretty consistently in love, while Archie briefly dated Betty before Jughead dated Betty. Veronica then dated Archie. Kevin and Moose dated each other after hooking up. 

Den of Geeks also notes that Betty and Veronica never had a love story within the Archie comics canon, but that doesn’t necessarily mean a romance is out of the question. Fans look forward to the fifth season, which is expected to premiere sometime during 2021.

Presumably, these characters will go on new adventures thanks to this original drama series and its upcoming season. Episodes of Riverdale featuring the characters Betty and Veronica are available for streaming on Netflix.