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Streaming continues to grow in popularity as many fans are opting for on-demand entertainment instead of live TV. The past year has been big for the streaming business with the addition of numerous new shows as well as some new services.

In terms of which series was the most popular in 2019, TV Time recently put together a list of the top 20. There have been quite a lot of noteworthy shows this year, so keep reading to see which one took the top spot.

‘Lucifer’ has been named 2019’s most popular streaming show

Netflix logo shown on a phone screen
Netflix logo | Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

The sinister Lucifer was announced as the most popular streaming show of 2019, beating out the likes of Stranger ThingsThe Umbrella Academy, and Black Mirror.

Lucifer stars Tom Ellis as the title character who went from ruling Hell to living in Los Angeles. While on Earth, Lucifer runs his own nightclub and also works with the LAPD to solve crime cases.

Lucifer originally premiered on FOX, but it was canceled by the network in 2018. Fortunately for fans, Netflix picked up the series earlier this year, and it has since been a huge hit with viewers on the streaming platform.

Lucifer was renewed by Netflix for a fifth season, though it has been announced that the fifth season will be its last.

Why many people are obsessed with ‘Lucifer’

Lucifer only joined Netflix in 2019, but the fact that it already became the number one streaming show is a testament to how many dedicated fans it has garnered.

Many people seem to enjoy the series because of the plot. Lucifer has a similar premise to crime series like CSI, where each episode follows a new mystery. However, because of the existence of Lucifer, the show sets itself apart by having an interesting supernatural twist.

Moreover, fans also like the character of Lucifer himself, who often fumbles around as he tries to navigate the complex world that humans live in.

One fan on Reddit said: “This version of Lucifer is enthralling. I love seeing how his road to redemption is playing out. Emotionally he’s like a child and I love watching him navigate his feelings with [his therapist] Linda.”

“He is charismatic and the show gives him ways to make everything about him,” someone else added. “Also, him being the devil makes for fun interactions with the rest of the cast.”

Netflix shows overwhelmingly dominate the streaming game

While Netflix is not the only streaming service out there, its shows make up the majority of TV Time’s top 20 most popular streaming shows of 2019. The only non-Netflix series on the list is Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale.

This is hardly surprising considering the fact that Netflix owns around 71 percent of the global streaming market and 68 percent of the American market.

Netflix is also known for spending a lot of money to produce high-quality original content. In 2018, it spent roughly $12 billion, and that number is expected to be $15 billion in 2019. The investment in creating original shows seems to be paying off very well in allowing Netflix to maintain its dominance in the streaming world. 

Of course, as more and more companies get into streaming, we might see more series from other platforms on next year’s TV Time list.

Disney+, for example, is looking to compete with exclusive content like the Lizzie McGuire reboot as well as shows based on popular movies, such as Love, Simon and Loki. Meanwhile, WarnerMedia and NBCUniversal are looking to launch their own services in the future with loads of original shows as well.