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People watch the Academy Awards every year to see their favorite actors, directors, and films. Besides the results, many surprising moments happen during the Oscars. In 2022, the most talked-about event was Will Smith’s infamous slap. Never a dull moment.

What some movie buffs also love seeing are the gift bags full of expensive, designer items. Every year, Oscar nominees receive an assortment of goods ranging from wellness products to sweet treats. This year, the total value is worth over $137,000.

What did Oscar nominees receive in the gift bags for 2021?

The value of the luxury gift bags varies every year, but they are always expensive. Notably, the products from the 2021 Academy Awards were worth more than the Oscars gift bags this year. Of course, many companies contributed goods and services to put the goodie bags together. Each one had an estimated value of $205,000.  

The 2021 items include CBD capsules, a Postmates cookbook, and sugary treats. Nominated celebrities, some presenters, and a few others also receive the opportunity to enjoy getaways, like a trip to a Southern California spa and the west coast of Sweden.

A few celebrities who received a luxury thank-you bag were Daniel Kaluuya, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and Glenn Close. The stuff is usually not free since it comes with taxes for the recipients. However, a person can refuse the bag, sell, or donate some items. 

Fans may see an actor post what they received on social media. Oscar nominees no doubt always look forward to what they may get at the award show. Even if they do not win a category, they can still enjoy quality products and luxury getaways

The 2022 Oscars gift bags did not disappoint

Technically, the Academy Awards handed out thank-you bags for nominees. However, a company named Distinctive Assets had the task of assembling each bundle. According to CNBC, this Oscars event marks the business’s 20th year of handing out luxurious products. 

While the bags are popular with many people, not every nominee receives a gift bag. Only the celebrities in the directing and acting categories receive the swag. So, usually, over 20 people can enjoy the vacations, beauty products, and more. For the 2022 Oscars, Distinctive Assets gave out goodie bags worth almost $140,000. The value was specifically over $137,000, and 28 nominees received a bundle.

Inside, the bags included high-quality popcorn and a three-night vacation to Turin Castle in Scotland. At the castle, a butler assists the celebrity guests. Perhaps more notably, the lucky celebs receive a small plot of land in Scotland and the title of “Lord” or “Lady of Glencoe.” We’re not kidding.

Other luxury items include a liposuction voucher and home renovations of up to $25,000. Some recipients likely accepted a four-night stay at the Golden Door luxury resort.

Distinctive Assets usually delivers the gift bags to the person’s home, hotel, or production company. A nominee can specify where the items should go. Nevertheless, the IRS once again counts the goods as taxable income. 

How the 2020 Oscars gift bags compare to 2022’s swag

2020 Pre-Oscar Gift Bags are displayed before the event and include a hat, gift cards, caviar, and skincare
The 2020 Pre-Oscar Gift Bags at Kimpton Hotel | Maury Phillips/Getty Images for GBK Productions

Oscars 2022: Grading Hosts Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes, and Regina Hall

Like the 2021 Academy Awards, the notorious year of 2020 also saw gift bags worth more than the ones this year. The total cost was about $215,000. One of the most expensive items was a vacation to Antarctica. The trip’s price was roughly $78,000, but recipients could accept other available getaways. 

While celebrities can go to a Scottish castle in 2022, they were able to visit a Spanish lighthouse in 2020. Gift bags from both years awarded people with a trip to Golden Door. Additionally, the past Oscars nominees received designer jewelry. 

The organization TAPS gave out necklaces from one of its collections. An expensive gold-plated necklace was inside the bag as well. This year, nominees enjoyed a small tea gift set. However, they had plenty of skincare products to use in 2020.