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AMC’s Breaking Bad was one of the most critically acclaimed TV shows on the air during its five-season run. Breaking Bad is centered around Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston, a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with lung cancer. Faced with the impending realization that his time is limited, and without the means to support his family after his death, he begins cooking meth to leave money behind for his family.

The AMC series follows Walter White’s rise as a drug kingpin and his descent into madness. The series finale is also one of Breaking Bad‘s finest moments. The show’s run captivated audiences creating a large fan base.

However, there are some Easter eggs in Breaking Bad that even the most die-hard fans may have missed. Here are 22 Breaking Bad Easter eggs that will surprise fans.

Some ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs are about Walter

Bryan Cranston as Walter White holding a cell phone to his ear with a bandage on his nose on Breaking Bad
Bryan Cranston on Breaking Bad | AMC

1. What happened to Walter White’s pants? In the season one opener, there is a famous shot of Walter White Standing in his underwear after cooking his first batch of meth. Well, whatever happened to his pants? In the season five episode “Ozymandias,” Walter White is pushing a barrel containing over 80 million dollars. While crossing the desert, White passes a familiar-looking pair of pants, alluding to how far the protagonist has come as a drug dealer.

2. Walt’s first kill was Krazy-8, who preferred his sandwiches without crust. Walter is later seen eating his sandwiches without crust. 

3. Krazy-8’s death was not the first time Walt took on a characteristic of his victim. Walter begins driving a Volvo, coincidentally the same car as drug dealer Gus Fring, right after killing him.

4. Another parallel between Walt and Gus is drawn when they both use a towel to throw up. However, this was more than likely a writer’s homage to Gus as Walter never actually saw it happen. 

5. The parallels continue with Mike Ehrmantraut, who preferred his drinks with ice, while Walter did not. However, once Walt kills Ehrmantraut, he strangely asks for a drink on the rocks.  

6. Walt also pulls the same trick Gus pulled on him with Lydia by portraying as an innocent car wash owner in season 5.

‘Breaking Bad’ makes tons of movie references

7. ‘Breaking Bad’ makes numerous references to ‘The Godfather’

8. ‘Reservoir Dogs’

9. ‘Scarface’ 

10. And ‘Pulp Fiction’

11. Gus’s death is also foreshadowed in the plane crash episode where a teddy bear that lands in Walt’s pool bares a stark resemblance to Gus’s demise. 

Colors are important on ‘Breaking Bad’

12. Colors are also a significant part of the show. For instance, the color green is significant to Walter. 

13. Skyler’s wardrobe gets darker as the show progresses, indicating her descent into Walt’s dark alter ego. 

14. Purple is also a central color. Marie is often seen sporting the color. 

15. Yellows seem to signify caution. Marie is seen wearing the color right before Hank discovers Walt is the notorious drug dealer Heisenberg 

16. Here is a complete guide to how each character’s wardrobe changes as the series progress. 

‘Breaking Bad is filled with symbolism’

17. The number ‘8’ or infinity symbol is consistently present throughout the series

18. Oranges are also consistently seen throughout the series

19. Tuco’s grill, which was given to Hank, foreshadows Walt’s descent into a killer just as ruthless Tuco

20. In the first episode of season 5, Walt celebrates his 52nd birthday with bacon in the shape of 52, something Skyler always did for him, indicating their impending separation. 

21. In the same scene, Walter uses a fake idea with the surname Lambert, which is the maiden name of Skyler. 


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22. Back to the episode ‘Ozymandias,” a checkmate is briefly shone indicating Walter’s powerlessness when he is alone without protection.