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It’s been a wild ride for fans of Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things. The series had an unusually long time between release dates for each season but the wait for Stranger Things Season 4 has been longer than any of us expected. The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic halted filming shortly after it began for the upcoming season, but now there’s light at the end of the tunnel. The next episodes are set to premiere in 2022. 

Until then, we’d like to make a note of some of the questions we have that we feel Stranger Things Season 4 really needs to answer. Here’s what we have.

Natalia Dyer, who plays Nancy Wheeler, holding a phone in a production still from 'Stranger Things' Season 3
Natalia Dyer | Netflix

Is Hawkins the only place in America with access to the Upside Down?

When we first learn about the Upside Down in Stranger Things Season 1, it seems like a shock to everyone involved. In fact, Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, actually opens the rift to the Upside Down on accident. We do know that Dr. Brenner (Matthew Modine) specifically sends Eleven in to make contact with the Demogorgon in Stranger Things Season 1, Chapter 6 ‘The Monster.’

It’s never explained how he knows about the Demogorgon, but it’s clear that he does. Now we just need to figure out why they chose Hawkins, Indiana of all places to have a secret lab. Of course, the answer could be as simple as no one would ever expect a secret government lab in Hawkins, Indiana. 

Are there other portals outside of Hawkins or did the lab know that was the only place they could get to the monster? We just don’t know.

Where are the rest of Dr. Brenner’s test subjects?

Eleven got her nickname ultimately because of the 011 tattooed on her arm. It was a callous way for Brenner to keep track of his subjects at the lab. We met Kali in Stranger Things Season 2 with a 007 on her arm. She has similar powers to Eleven so we know the tattoos aren’t random. This means there are at least nine other people out there with some sort of powers. Did they just escape the lab like Eleven? That seems like poor security measures on Brenner’s part, but what do we know?

There are a couple of fan theories floating around about the other subjects and we do know they’re mentioned in the Stranger Things comics. However, the comics came out after the series began. Jody Houser, one of the writers for the comics told Gizmodo she was given mostly free rein on what they could include the comics about the other patients, with the exception of Patient 001. They were told they couldn’t do anything with that particular subject. Of course, this piques our curiosity even more. Who is Number 001 and when are we going to learn about them?


‘Stranger Things’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Were Russians trying to train the Demogorgons in that mid-credits scene in ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3?

If we’d written this way back at the beginning of 2020, our number one question would be whether or not Chief Hopper (David Harbour) is alive. But it’s not 2020 and we know for a fact that he’s being held captive in Russia. Now that that’s answered, we can turn our attention to the otherwise horrifying scene of Russian guards feeding a prisoner to a Demogorgon.

First of all, how did they capture one? Did they find a baby Demogorgon like Dustin did in Stranger Things Season 2? Secondly, what exactly do they plan on doing with it? A Demogorgon doesn’t seem like something you could train to listen, but what do we know? If that’s the case, we have our suspicions that this all has something to do with the Russian military and we do not see it ending well.

However, we won’t get any of these answers until Stranger Things Season 4 appears in 2022. With the addition of new characters like Victor Creel and several new locations, there’s a lot to fit into the upcoming season. Let’s just hope we get some answers to these lingering questions.