3 ‘Gilmore Girls’ Episodes That a Lot of Fans Skip

Gilmore Girls is among the most streamed shows that Netflix currently has in its library. The series, which ended in 2007, has not only found new fans but has retained a loyal following of viewers who rewatch the series repeatedly. The rewatchers know everything there is to know about Lorelai Gilmore, Rory Gilmore, and the tangled web of Stars Hollow residents that appear in the series. While fans have a lot of favorite episodes, several episodes don’t hit exactly right. Fans have mentioned these three episodes as some of their most commonly skipped. 

‘A Vineyard Valentine’ is often skipped by ‘Gilmore Girls’ fans 

Luke and Lorelai were largely considered the endgame couple of Gilmore Girls. While the realization of their love and the start of their relationship are fan-favorite episodes, one episode featuring the famed couple is often skipped. Reddit users note that they often opt to skip the season six episode, “A Vineyard Valentine.” 

In the episode, Luke and Lorelai join Rory and Logan in Martha’s Vineyard for Valentine’s Day. Luke spends much of the weekend pouting and making odd complaints before settling in. Eventually, the weekend ends when Mitchum Huntzberger drags Logan away to go on a business trip. 

Several Gilmore Girls fans note that they skip the episode because Luke’s behavior is so out of character. His complaints about the Vineyard make no sense, considering his affinity for the outdoors. He’s downright hostile to everyone, including Lorelai too.

Luke’s behavior in ‘We Got Us a Pippi Virgin’ is equally cringeworthy 

The season 5 episode, “We Got Us a Pippi Virgin,” is another episode Gilmore Girls fans are prone to skip. In the episode, Rory and her then-boyfriend, Dean Forrester, double date with Luke and Lorelai. The entire situation was tense, awkward, and incredibly uncomfortable, but it got even worse when Luke and Dean fought over a game of Bop-It. 

The episode had all the makings of a good episode, but the unexplained feud between Luke and Dean was confusing. Fans could have even overlooked that if the execution of the awkward tension was a bit better. Kirk Gleason’s make-out session with LuLu in the movie theater felt a bit odd, too. 

Richard Gilmore’s court outburst in ‘The New and Improved Lorelai’ can be skipped, too 

Season 6 had several great episodes, but there was more than one miss, too. In the season 6 premiere, “The New and Improved Lorelai,” Luke and Lorelai’s engagement news was completely overshadowed by Rory’s court appearance. In the episode, Richard flipped out when a judge gave Rory 300 hours of community service for stealing a yacht. 

Rory’s outfit for court, Richard’s outburst, and Emily and Richard’s complete underreaction to Rory’s arrest make the episode one to skip. Not only do the characters not behave like themselves, but the episode kicks off Rory and Lorelai’s long and painful separation. It’s one moment many fans don’t like to relive.