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Girl in the Picture is Netflix’s latest true crime documentary to capture subscribers’ attention. While the story of Suzanne Sevakis is a tragic, multi-layered, true-crime offering from the streaming provider, it’s far from the only interesting true-crime documentary they offer. Over the last several years, Netflix has quietly released a slew of documentaries covering everything from fertility fraud to murder. When you finish Girl in the Picture, check out these three other true-crime offerings. 

‘American Murder: The Family Next Door’ is similarly haunting 

American Murder: The Family Next Door is a Netflix documentary that takes a deep dive into the disappearance of a pregnant mother, Shannan Watts, and her children, Bella and Cece. Watts and her two daughters were reported missing by a friend after Watts failed to attend an appointment. What transpired after put Watts’ husband and the father of her children in the spotlight. 

The documentary features text messages, home movies, and tapes provided by the police in a chilling recreation of what happened to Shannan, her unborn son, and the two daughters she shared with Christopher Watts. Watts’ motivations, behavior, and arrest are all covered in the documentary.

The Netflix documentary was released in 2020. It is still available on the platform. 

Netflix’s ‘Our Father’ is a must-see true crime documentary 

Our Father is a documentary examining what happens when a fertility doctor decides to play god. The 2022 Netflix Original explores how nearly 100 people learned they were half-siblings because of a fertility doctor named Donald Cline. Cline used his own sperm to inseminate his patience. They were not aware of the origins of the donor sperm.

The entire tale begins with a single woman taking a DNA test. Through the test, she learned that she had several half-siblings she knew nothing about. She uncovered Cline’s secrets as she dug deeper into her biological family tree, unraveling his illustrious career and unearthing one of the most horrific examples of fertility fraud ever. The documentary is strange and incredibly unsettling. 

You can stream Our Father on Netflix. 

‘Don’t F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer’ shows just how powerful the internet can be 

Don’t F**k with Cats is a 2019 documentary that follows the story of a group of online sleuths who worked together to find the man behind a series of increasingly alarming animal cruelty videos. The man behind the videos, Luka Magnotta, and his subsequent crime and conviction are heavily discussed in the documentary. Magnotta is serving a life sentence at Port-Cartier Prison in Quebec for the murder of Jun Lin. 


‘Girl in the Picture’: What Happened to Phillip Steven Brandenburg?

While truly horrific, the three-part series does show just how quickly the internet can connect and mobilize individuals motivated to figure out a mystery. Don’t F**k with Cats is available for streaming on Netflix