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Season 2 of And Just Like That… is set to begin filming in the fall. While the HBO Max reboot of Sex and the City won’t be airing until later in 2023, fans of the original series already know what they would like to see from the show’s sophomore season. We think there are a few old love interests who should pop up once again, albeit not necessarily romantically. There is also one old flame that we believe the series can live without. 

A cameo from Smith Jerrod could easily fill the Samantha Jones void 

According to fans, one of the biggest issues with the HBO Max reboot’s first season was the absence of Samantha Jones. Kim Cattrall was not invited back to reprise her role. The tension between Cattrall and the rest of the cast has been newsworthy for years, and showrunner Micheal Patrick King has made it abundantly clear that Cattrall won’t return. Her character will remain present in digital form, though. 

Jason Lewis attends the premiere of "Sex and the City: The Movie" at Radio City Music Hall on May 27, 2008
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If we can’t have Samantha Jones, perhaps her most iconic love could make another appearance. Smith Jerrod was just one of two men who managed to get Samantha into a committed relationship, and he remains a fan favorite. Bringing Smith back, even for a cameo, perhaps to discuss Samantha, could be a good way to reintegrate Samantha back into the group, even if fans don’t get to see her. 

A return of Dr. Robert Leeds would be a great way to throw off Miranda Hobbes’ new relationship 

Miranda Hobbes broke her husband’s heart in the reboot’s first season. She broke Sex and the City fans’ hearts, too. Now, firmly with Che Diaz, fans of the original series are looking for just about anything that will break the unlikely pair up. Steve Brady won’t be the one to do it, but maybe, just maybe, Dr. Robert Leeds could. 

Miranda briefly dated Dr. Robert Leeds, a sports medicine doctor, before deciding she wanted to get back together with Steve. Sure, Robert was kind of awful to Miranda after their breakup, but he did seem like a good fit up until that point. Robert’s return could change everything, and we aren’t against it. 

A return of Aidan Show in season 2 of ‘And Just Like That…’ feels inevitable 

Aidan Shaw, played by John Corbett, was Carrie Bradshaw’s other big love. While Corbett joked that he would return for season 1, things are getting more serious now. According to Deadline, Corbett will reprise his role in And Just Like That… season 2. What role his character will play remains unknown, though. 

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While we aren’t thrilled about the notion of Aidan returning as a potential love interest for Carrie, he could be a really interesting addition to the series. Aidan, after all, was a good friend to Steve Brady, and Steve, if the character returns in season 2, will need a friend now more than ever. While Aidan and Carrie together again could feel a bit tired, seeing Aidan make a play for Carrie one more time could inject a bit of light drama into the show’s second season. 

We could totally live without seeing Jack Beger return for season 2 of ‘And Just Like That…’

While Dr. Robert Leeds, Smith Jerrod, and Aidan Shaw would be welcomed by fans of Sex and the City with open arms, there is one character that no one needs to see again. Carrie’s season 6 boyfriend, Jack Berger, needn’t return for season 2 of And Just Like That… 


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Berger showed great promise originally. He and Carrie hit it off fairly quickly, with a common career path and easy conversation. Things went sour seemingly just as fast, though. In the end, Berger was insecure, passive-aggressive, and difficult. The red flags showed up early and often, but his decision to break up with Carrie via a Post-It note made him the worst of Carrie’s serious love interests. There is, in our opinion, no way to reincorporate him into Carrie’s life that wouldn’t be just awful. Even a random run-in on the street feels completely unnecessary.