3 Pioneer Woman Recipes Using Ree Drummond’s Can’t-Cook-Without Ingredients

Ree Drummond’s Pioneer Woman recipes feature some of the most comforting dishes. And based on the celebrity chef’s can’t-cook-without ingredients it’s easy to see why. They almost always include at least one, or sometimes all three, of the ingredients the 52-year-old can’t get enough of. 

Ree Drummond’s 3 can’t-cook-withing ingredients are so Pioneer Woman

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Ree Drummond | Monica Schipper/Getty Images

During a December 2017 interview with Today Food Drummond shared the ingredients she can’t cook without. Asked to name them the Super Easy cookbook author didn’t hesitate before listing off her favorites.  “Butter, cream, and bacon,” she said before adding, “That’s such a great foundation right there.” As Drummond later explained, “Any kind of good bake goes with butter and bacon pretty well.”

Without further ado here are some of Drummond’s Pioneer Woman recipes that have butter, cream, or bacon.

1. The Pioneer Woman’s Peach Crisp with Maple Cream Sauce has 2 of Drummond’s can’t-cook-without ingredients

Many Pioneer Woman crisp recipes have some of the same ingredients. And, no surprise but among them are none other than butter and cream. After all, if the Food Network star knows what works in her dishes why change them?

This particular Pioneer Woman recipe gets added richness from the heavy cream. Drummond uses a splash, err, more than a cup, of it to make the maple cream sauce. Next, the butter. The Food Network star who films her cooking show from her ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma, makes a crumbly topping with a generous amount of butter (one stick or eight tablespoons). She combines the butter with spices, sugar, and flour before sprinkling it over the filling. 

2. The Food Network star’s Perfect Potatoes au Gratin are made with butter and cream

Ree Drummond smiles while wearing a black top and holds a blue pot while Stephen Colbert stirs food
Stephen Colbert and Ree Drummond | Scott Kowalchyk/CBS via Getty Images

Drummond knows how to take potatoes from bland to delicious and this Pioneer Woman potato recipe is a great example. Once again the cookbook author uses two of her can’t-cook-without ingredients. According to Food Network, Drummond’s Perfect Potatoes au Gratin are made with butter and cream as well as other ingredients.

A rich and creamy dish, this take on potatoes is popular with Pioneer Woman fans. At the time of publication, the recipe’s been reviewed more than 200 times. Not only that but it averages 4.5 stars. Maybe it’s the cream? The butter? Or maybe the cheese? Perhaps a combination of all three? Whatever it is, the final dish is a winner.

3. Drummond’s Alfredo Sauce uses 2 of her can’t-live-without ingredients in a simple way

The Pioneer Woman’s self-described “evil” pasta recipe gets flavor from the star of the dish, alfredo sauce. And, good news for those who want to make this at home, Drummond’s Alfredo Sauce recipe couldn’t get much simpler. She combines the ingredients in a pan on the stove and, before long, she’s left with creamy goodness to toss with pasta. What’s the basis of almost every creamy sauce? Two of Drummond’s can’t-live-without ingredients cream and butter. Want to finish it off with bacon, the Pioneer Woman’s third can’t-live-without ingredient? She probably wouldn’t object.

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