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It’s been three years since Seeking Sister Wife star, Garrick Merrifield began courting Roberta ‘Bert’ Pache as a second wife and she’s still not in the United States. Many Seeking Sister Wife fans think Bert has already given up on the Merrifields. Here are the 3 reasons why Seeking Sister Wife fans think Bert already dumped Garrick and his wife, Dannielle Merrified.

Garrick Merrifield puts his arm around his wife, Dannielle Merrifield, and his fiancée, Roberta Pache on 'Seeking Sister Wife.'
Dannielle Merrifield, Garrick Merrifield, and Roberta Pache, ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ | TLC

Bert is contacting with Garrick and Dannielle less and less

The first clue that Seeking Sister Wife fans noticed was that Bert seemed to be pulling away from Garrick and Dannielle. As discussed in season 4, they haven’t gone to see Brazilian-born Bert in over a year.

On the July 11 episode of Seeking Sister Wife, Dannielle said, “Roberta’s been dealing with a lot the past year.” She explains that between getting sick with coronavirus (COVID-19) and caretaking for her aging mother, she’s had a tough time.

Dannielle said that Bert’s lack of internet or cell service in Brazil has taken its toll on all of their relationships. She said, “The communication definitely changed.” Garrick adds, “Dramatically.”

Bert was upset about Garrick dating a new potential wife, Lea

When Dannielle suggested that Garrick start looking for more wives to add to the family, he didn’t hesitate to start dating. Roberta, however, was not on board with this new plan.

The original idea was to give Roberta time to settle into life in Colorado with the Merrifield before they start adding more wives. Alone time with Garrick is important to Bert, since they’ve spent the majority of their relationship in separate countries.

So when Garrick began dating Lea, she was not happy, which is another reason why fans think Bert and Garrick are done. Dannielle said, “Roberta was uncomfortable at the idea of us dating someone while were dating her.” Dannielle had mentioned that adding a third wife could be hard on Bert, noting how she is “insecure and jealous” and doesn’t like to share Garrick.

In the trailer for Seeking Sister Wife Season 4, Roberta gets angry at the idea of Garrick being intimate with Lea. She says, “No kisses. Friends.” Luckily for Bert, Lea ended her relationship with Garrick, so she doesn’t have to worry about her fiancé stealing kisses anymore.

Bert is in no rush to go to the US with the Merrifields

The final clue that suggests that Bert dumped Garrick is how relaxed she is about getting her visa. In previous seasons, the Merrifields tried to get Bert to the US on a tourist visa, but it was denied. Which led them to pursue a K-1 or fiancé visa. This visa gives Garrick 90 days once Bert is in the US to marry her, or she will have to return to Brazil.


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With Bert’s visa approved, all she has to do is pick up her passport and visa from a government building. However, the visa does have an exploration date and it’s coming up quickly.

Dannielle explained, “Our immigration lawyers made it very clear that, she can’t wait ’til the last minute, because travel and flights are limited. So she only has a short period of time to get here.”

Dannielle doesn’t believe that Roberta is aware of how time-sensitive this process is. She said, “She doesn’t have much longer.”

Fans will have to watch the rest of Seeking Sister Wife Season 4 to find out if Bert makes it to the US. But according to the trailer, Dannielle and Garrick travel to meet her in a beach location.

Seeking Sister Wife airs Mondays at 10 pm EST on TLC and discovery+.