3 of Ree Drummond’s Easy Ice Cream Recipes, No Ice Cream Maker Needed

Think homemade ice cream is next to impossible without an ice cream maker? Think again. Ree Drummond’s easy ice cream recipes prove the creamy treat summertime dreams are made of can come true sans an ice cream maker. 

1. Ree Drummond’s easy ice cream recipes: fast and fruity ice cream in 10 minutes

Forget the long wait for an ice cream maker to do its thing. Drummond’s fast and fruity ice cream recipe takes just 10 minutes to make. “It’s ready in minutes and you will never miss that you didn’t churn it for hours,” she said on The Pioneer Woman.

Demonstrating how to make it, Drummond put frozen strawberries and mango in a food processor with plain unsweetened Greek yogurt, vanilla, and cream. That way, the food processor does “all the hard work,” she said. 

When the mixture became big chunks, Drummond shut off the food processor and smashed the frozen fruit with a spoon. Then she turned it back on until it the mixture had an ice cream-like consistency. 

Finally, she added dark chocolate chunks and hit “pulse” a few times to break them up. Next, she transferred the mixture to a bowl with grated chocolate on top.

2. Ree Drummond’s no-churn chocolate ice cream

The Super Easy! cookbook author proved once again ice cream can be achieved at home with her no-churn chocolate ice cream

“When I first made ice cream this way, I was absolutely shocked by how much it actually tasted like real ice cream that you would churn in an ice cream maker,” she said on The Pioneer Woman.

Although, as Drummond admitted, it’s not quite the same. “It’s missing a tiny bit of the richness but if you’re just looking to make a quick batch of ice cream this is such a cool idea,” she said. 

She combined heavy cream, powdered sugar, and vanilla in a bowl. Next, she gently folded in sweetened condensed milk. With the mixture combined, she put half of it in another bowl. From there she added melted white chocolate to one and melted semi-sweet chocolate and cocoa powder to the other.

Drummon also warned against using milk chocolate with the “really, really sweet” cream mixture. It “would probably be a little too sweet,” she said. 

Additionally, she cautioned against over-mixing. “You don’t want to beat the heck out of it, you want to fold it. Because if you beat it, that whipped cream that you started everything with is gonna … basically lose the bubbles,” she said. 

Next, Drummond poured a little bit of each mixture into a glass dish. Then she put a layer of cookies and covered the top, and put the dish in the freezer. 

Unlike Drummond’s fast and fruit ice cream, her chocolate version has to sit in the freezer for eight hours before serving, according to Food Network

3. Ree Drummond’s easy ice cream recipes: no-churn spumoni

Drummond’s take on this colorful classic is all about whipping the cream base until it’s thick. “It takes a little while but look at the consistency. It’s just kind of whippy,” Drummond said.

“This next ingredient is going to blow your mind,” she said. “It’s a thawed pint of vanilla ice cream.” Yes, really. Drummond combined it with sweetened condensed milk and a pinch of salt. 

Then she divided the mixture evenly into three bowls. From there, she began creating spumoni’s signature colors with cherries, pistachios, and chocolate sandwich cookies. Then she poured the contents of each bowl into a loaf pan one at a time and put it in the freezer to set.

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