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An unlikely TV show that became popular is 30 Rock. The show got created in the early 2000s and ran for seven years. Tina Fey is an actress, comedian, and scriptwriter, and she stars as Liz Lemon on the show. Following the series finale, she is bestselling author and does plenty of behind-the-scenes work. 

In the show, Fey’s character gets married in the last season. The actress mentioned that she did not want the wedding to be in the final episode. She felt that it would not represent the point of the show. 

Tina Fey was against a series finale wedding

Tina Fey as Liz Lemon
Tina Fey as Liz Lemon | Ali Goldstein/NBC

30 Rock is the brainchild of former Saturday Night Live writer Fey. Originally, the show was not a hit. The series has numerous plotlines throughout the seasons. Writers kept coming up with wild ideas, especially in the beginning. Alec Baldwin helped the show stay afloat until it eventually became popular. 

Despite its rocky start and various story threads, Fey still had an idea of what the show was about. According to Mental Floss, the actress explained in an interview that the point of the series was for Liz to find happiness. It is why she did not want the finale to end with the character’s wedding. 

While it is necessary for Liz to discover her own version of family, Fey did not want a marriage to “be the accumulation of her time.” So, the writers did not have the series finish with Liz getting married. They moved it to a different part of the season. 

The show always has multiple plotlines occurring at the same time. The creators likely wanted to end on as many as possible rather than focus on a single wedding. 

The wedding occurred mid-season

The main relationship in 30 Rock is between Liz and Jack. The two of them are complete opposites, but they develop a deep friendship. They were never meant to get together. Instead, Liz comes across multiple love interests throughout the show. 

The character has an ongoing search for love and finds someone to settle down with at the end. Her last boyfriend on the show is named Criss Chros. The two of them get married in the final season, but it did not make it to the finale. 

As mentioned before, the writers moved Liz’s wedding to a different part of the season. She gets married mid-season instead of at the end. The episode is titled “Mazel Tov, Dummies!”, and the character only elopes in order to adopt a child faster. The wedding is low-key, which is more fitting for the middle part of a season. 

The final season explored different characters


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The final season explores Liz and Criss struggling to have kids and getting married. Jack is debating if he is happy while trying to make sure that he has a shot for a higher position in the company. There are other plotlines, such as Tracy having a successful movie studio. 

The last episode of the season is titled “Last Lunch,” and Liz prepares for the final episode of her show. She has to deal with some issues, such as Tracy trying to halt production for money.

Meanwhile, Jack tries to reconcile with her, which they do by the end. The episode ends with an epilogue. 

Season seven of 30 Rock finished airing in 2013. However, the show returned briefly for one episode. The special is an hour long, and it features the original cast members. The premise takes place amidst the pandemic, so fans likely got to see how the characters were faring after seven years.