4 Best K-Dramas to Watch During Fall 2022

K-dramas are a great way to spend the cold Fall season. The question is, what makes a good Fall K-drama for 2022? Storylines can range from the ideal setting of Seoul among the windy and picturesque orange-colored trees to a riveting thriller that comes with the eeriness of the season. While classic romance K-dramas are a must, a few more make the list of must-watches.

Jung So-min and Seo In-guk in 'The Smile Has Left Your Eyes' K-drama for Fall 2022.
Jung So-min and Seo In-guk in ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ | via tvN

‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ is a complex yet riveting K-drama of love and a mystery for Fall 2022

The 2018 K-drama stars none other than Alchemy of Souls actor Jung So-min in one of her most acclaimed works. She stars alongside Doom at Your Service actor Seo In-guk and actor Park Sung-woong. The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is a remake of a 2002 Japanese series.

The storyline is full of sweet and passionate love set during the Fall. But what makes the K-drama a good watch is its unsuspecting twist and mystery. Kim Moo-young (Seo) is often seen as trouble and not someone to get involved with. He gets caught up in a criminal case when a suicide is seen as murder. To make matters more complex, Moo-young has no memories of his past.

But his life changes when he meets the sweet Yoo Jin-kang. Her initial thoughts of him are negative, but she realizes he has emotional wounds to bear. The big kicker is Jin-kang’s older brother, a police detective, who starts questioning Moo-young’s true nature.

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes is available on Viki.

‘Love Alarm’ is a teen romance about young love and a dating app

Love Alarm is a staple in the teen romance department that embodies multiple fan-favorite tropes. The K-drama was one of Netflix’s first major successes that helped skyrocket actor Song Kang to fame. The 2019 storyline is based on a webtoon of the same name about a student named Kim Jo-jo, played by Kim So-hyun.

She lives in an ordinary world, but one where a popular dating app dictates people’s feelings for each other. Her life gets complicated when the handsome and popular Hwang Sun-oh (Song) decides to pursue her after realizing his best friend, Lee Hye-yeong (Jung Ga-ram), likes her. Thus begins a whirlwind love triangle and ‘Second-Lead syndrome story.

The K-drama’s popularity also led to a second season with a shocking end. Love Alarm is available on Netflix.

‘Flower of Evil’ is a crime thriller K-drama that tests a marriage – perfect for Fall 2022

The Fall season is not always about sappy romance and love stories. The K-drama Flower of Evil is a perfect watch for Fall 2022 for fans who want a good love story that is challenged by a dark twist. The 2020 K-drama focuses on the married couple Cha Ji-won (Moon Chae-won) and Baek Hee-sung (Lee Joon-gi).

A seemingly in love couple with an adorable six-year-old daughter is headed down a dark path. Hee-sung is every partner’s dream who is good at housework, caring, educated, thoughtful, and handsome. Ji-won is a good detective and loving wife. But when a string of murders comes to light, her investigation leads her to question her devoted husband. As she hunts a psychopath, the person in question may be closer than she expected as Hee-sung hides his past.

Flower of Evil is available to stream on Viki and Netflix.

‘Tomorrow With You’ is a time travel story tied by fated love

A good romance K-drama story is a must for the Fall of 2022, but it helps that there is added fantasy flare. The 2017 K-drama, Tomorrow With You takes fans on a journey of selfless love and time travel. Taxi Driver star Lee Je-hoon stars as Yoo So-joon. The K-drama’s premise is what would someone do to change their fate?

So-joon is the CEO of a real estate company with a hidden ability. When taking the train, he can travel through time. When venturing into his future, he realizes the sad reality that he lives a lonely life and dies alone. In the real world, he meets Song Ma-rin, played by Our Blues star Shin Min-ah.


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By meeting her, So-joon sees an opportunity to change his dismal fate. He decides to marry her, despite not being in love with her. Tomorrow With You takes fans into a developing love as So-joon begins to see Ma-rin as something more.

Tomorrow With You is available on Viki.