4 YouTube Channels That Can Help You Save Money and Balance Your Budget During the Coronavirus Outbreak

The coronavirus outbreak is causing a lot of fear around the world. Families are fearing for their health, their lives, and their loved ones.

Due to widespread unemployment and the sudden economic downturn, many people are also panicking about their finances.

Whether you’re wondering how to save money during these unsettling times or are one of the many people who lost their jobs (even temporarily) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, these four money-minded YouTube channels can help you balance your budget and keep an eye on your bank account in the meantime.

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Visa debit card | Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Rachel Cruze

On Rachel Cruze’s YouTube channel, the financial expert provides money advice in the vein of Dave Ramsey, with a focus on avoiding and getting out of debt.

Instead of the smaller “life hacks” that many personal finance content creators tend to focus on, Cruze’s videos include specific, big-picture information about paying off large sums of debt and securing emergency funds for the unexpected.

Recently, Cruze’s channel has included a series of Q&As with viewers on managing your money during the coronavirus pandemic. If you want to feel proactive and empowered about your bank account even when the world is confusing as heck, this is the YouTube channel for you.

‘Free To Family’

This growing, family-oriented channel offers practical, actionable tips on topics like grocery shopping and large-batch meal prep, saving and budgeting, staying out of and paying off debt, working from home, and living frugally.

Many of the recent videos focus on coronavirus-related topics, like reducing your overall shopping trips during self-isolation, managing your time at home, and saving money if you think you should tighten your belt during the pandemic.

Unlike many other lifestyle and parenting Youtube channels, Free to Family also focuses on paring down extraneous information about popular finance issues, like the “coronavirus cash” many families can expect to receive soon due to the recent stimulus bill.

This is a good channel to follow if you’re finding yourself “lost in the noise” and a bit confused right now.

Annie Margarita Yang

Many personal finance YouTube channels seem to focus on people who are already making quite a bit of money, but Annie Margarita Yang’s is more inclusive.

Many of Yang’s videos are geared towards college students, people making lower salaries or minimum wage, and personal finance basics (like managing credit cards, cell phone bills, and moving expenses).

Most recently, she shared a coronavirus-themed video about navigating the COVID-19 outbreak when you don’t have much (or any) money at the moment.

Andrew LaCivita

If you’re one of the many people who lost your job or crucial work hours during the coronavirus outbreak, or if you’re hoping to use the down time as a reflection period that could lead to a career change, Andrew LaCivita’s YouTube channel could give you some helpful advice.

LaCivita’s videos cover all things work and career, from writing the perfect LinkedIn resume to nailing your job interview and knowing when to leave your current position for a new one.

Recently, the career and entrepreneurship expert has shared advice on navigating a job search during the COVID-19 pandemic and finding the “silver lining” for job seekers during these strange times.