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The Arctic Monkeys are a total mood. Fans can’t get enough of their soulful indie-rock music, and the band has the platinum records to prove it. The group has been in the game for a long time. According to CMuse, they formed in 2002 and released their first EP back in 2005. 

Since then, the path to success has been straight up for the Arctic Monkeys. Even though they’ve been in the music biz for the better part of 20 years, the Arctic Monkeys can only make so much music. For fans who have been listening to their six albums on repeat, here are five other groups that you may enjoy. 

1. Alex Turner

Arctic Monkeys on stage in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Arctic Monkeys | Raphael Dias/Getty Images

Alex Turner is the obvious place to start for Arctic Monkeys fans looking to branch out. Turner is the lead singer of the Arctic Monkeys but has done his own solo work. 

Turner has technically never left the band to go solo, but he did write the soundtrack to the movie Submarine on his own. The album came out in 2011. Arctic Monkeys fans should check out the record, and possibly watch the movie. According to Far Out Magazine, it is a Richard Ayoade masterpiece. 

2. St. Vincent

St. Vincent was born Annie Clark, according to Rate Your Music. The singer/songwriter was part of the band Polyphonic Spree, but now has her own solo career. The work is perfect for any indie rock lover. With six albums to her name, St. Vincent has enough material to keep music fans entertained for a while. 

According to All Music, St. Vincent is comparable to the work of Regina Spektor and Florence and the Machine. The self-titled album St. Vincent seems to have high ratings. Although most groups start with a self-titled album, this was actually St. Vincent’s fifth album. St. Vincent uses several of the same instruments as the Arctic Monkeys and both groups cross into the psychedelic rock and space pop subgenres, making St. Vincent an artist Arctic Monkeys fans need to check out.

3. The Kooks

The Kooks are contemporaries of the Arctic Monkeys. Their debut album came out in 2006. Like the Arctic Monkeys, the Kooks hail from the UK. 

According to AllMusic, the band has released three albums. However, their debut, Inside In/Inside Out was far and away the most successful. For Arctic Monkeys fans, the Kooks is a great option. The two bands are often compared and cross into the Britpop subgenre, without having too similar of sounds.

4. The Growlers

Unlike the Kooks and the Arctic Monkeys, The Growlers were formed stateside. The California-based band came later than the Arctic Monkeys. Their first full album, Chinese Fountain, came out in 2014. Think of their style as “Beach Goth.” According to AllMusic, that’s what The Growlers call themselves. It’s a kind of Arctic Monkeys vibe with a California twist. 

The Growlers have a large body of work. For starters, fans of the Arctic Monkeys may want to try work from Chinese Fountain. Although the band released music before that, those releases were smaller. Chinese Fountain earned The Growlers their first taste of mainstream success. 

5. Two Feet


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According to AllMusic, Two Feet is a New York-based pop/punk band, which was founded a few years after the Arctic Monkeys. Although the band was formed an ocean away, their music would likely appeal to Arctic Monkeys fans on both sides of the pond. Two Feet crosses the genres of indie-pop and hip-hop/R&B. Given the Arctic Monkeys’ hip-hop influences, Two Feet’s sound will likely appeal to fans looking to grow their playlists.

Bonus number 6: The Black Keys

Most Arctic Monkeys fans have probably already heard of the Black Keys. If not, walk, don’t run, to listen to this band. Arctic Monkeys fans will love The Black Keys’ style. The Akron, Ohio group actually predates the Arctic Monkeys. The Black Keys’ first album came out in 2002, according to AllMusic.