5 Best ‘Slice of Life’ K-Dramas From Netflix in 2022

‘Slice of Life’ K-dramas is a popular genre as it tells heartwarming yet resonating stories about life, love, friendship, family, and hardships. In 2022, Netflix premiered more than a handful of dramas, with fans weeping out of sadness and joy. Besides popular hits like Navillera and Hospital Playlist, 2022 has proved to have some of the best ‘Slice of Life’ K-dramas to binge.

‘Our Blues’ storyline takes place on Jeju Island among its residents

The 2022 K-drama, Our Blues, is among the best in the ‘Slice of Life’ genre. Taking place on the picturesque Jeju Island, its residents go through personal life changes for the better.

Lee Dong-seok (Lee Byung-hun) was born and raised in Jeju and makes a living selling various items from his truck. But he holds a grudge against his mother and refuses to speak to her. He soon meets Min Seon-a (Shin Min-a), a woman fighting her own battle.

Choi Han-su (Cha Seung-won) was born in Jeju but moved away into adulthood. With his marriage and life on the brink, he returns to a new job position. He meets his first love Jung Eun-hui (Lee Jung-eun). Meanwhile, Ko Mi-ran (Uhm Jung-hwa) returns from the city after growing bored.

Lee Yeong-ok (Han Ji-Min) is at the center of the rumor mill and works as a female diver. She meets Park Jeong-jun (Kim Woo-bin), a fishing boat captain looking for love. Our Blues is available on Netflix.

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‘Tomorrow’ tells the heartwrenching stories of people who ponder death

Netflix’s 2022 K-drama, Tomorrow is a fantasy story about the afterlife but still fits in the ‘Slice of Life’ genre. Based on a webtoon, the drama follows a young man named Jun-woong (Rowoon. He had a good upbringing but found himself unable to succeed and land a job. While stopping a man from taking his own life, he meets the crisis management team led by Goo Ryeon (Kim Hee-seon).

After a fluke accident, he goes into a coma. Goo Ryeon and the Emperor of the Afterlife give him a contract deal to compensate for the blunder. Along the way, Jun-woong witnesses firsthand what drives a person to consider taking their own life. He and the team fight to save them before it is too late. They become their last shot at redemption. Tomorrow ponders the question of life, death, and purpose while involving a compelling mystery.

Tomorrow is available on Netflix.

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‘My Liberation Notes’ became one of Netflix’s best ‘Slice of Life’ K-dramas in 2022

What do most people stuck in an endless loop want? Liberation. The 2022 K-drama My Liberation Notes tells the stories of the three siblings who cannot find their purpose in life. They go through a journey of self-discovery, love, family, and more. Yeom Mi-jeong (Kim Ji-won) is the K-drama’s narrator and the youngest child.

She dreams of being liberated from the endless mundaneness and bore of everyday life. She feels reattached from the seeming normal lives her co-workers and friends have. To change, she proposes that Mr. Gu (Son Suk-ku) worship her. Mr. Gu is a mystery and her father’s employee who drowns his time in soju.

Chang-hee (Leek Min-Ki) is the middle child with a stable job but no real dream. He hopes to escape his family’s small town. Gi-jeong (Lee El) is the oldest and dreams of finding decent love. My Liberation Notes is available on Netflix.

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‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ is a must-watch for legal drama, love, and life lessons

Fans cannot stop talking about Netflix’s newest loved ‘Slice of Life’ 2022 K-drama, Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The drama stars a female lead on the autism spectrum with a gift for criminal code and becomes Korea’s first autistic lawyer.

Woo Young-woo (Park Eun-bin) joins one of Korea’s most prominent law firms and proves her autism is her biggest and most valuable asset in the courtroom. Each episode deals with different social lessons from greed between friends, murder, unjust imprisonment, and what it means to live. All the while, Young-woo ventures on her own journey to find her way. She makes friends, enemies, and loves.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo is available on Netflix.

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‘Thirty-Nine’ is the best 2022 K-dramas that broke the rules

Thirty-Nine captured attention for its impressive leading cast of female actors like Son Ye-jin, Jeon Mi-do, and Kim Ji-hyun. But the ‘Slice of Life’ K-drama was named one of the best in 2022 because it broke one fundamental rule.

From the get-go, fans learn one of its leading characters will die. Jeong Chan-young (Jeon) discovers she has terminal cancer. Cha Mi-jo (Son), Jang Joo-hee (Kim), and Chan-young are on the cusp of their 40s and dream of growing old together.

But Chan-young’s diagnosis changes their world. The three friends agree with Chan-young’s wish not to get treatment and live her life regret-free. Through her, the friends and other characters learn the value of life.

Thirty-Nine is available on Netflix.

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