5 Easy Tips for Elegant Entertaining We’ve Learned from Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump is known as a Bravo reality show staple, starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Vanderpump Rules. With decades of experience as a restaurateur, it goes without saying that she knows a lot about entertaining guests. And lucky for fans, she doesn’t keep all her secrets to herself.

Here are five easy tips for elegant entertaining that Vanderpump has shared with the world.

Lisa Vanderpump raises both hands and smiles in black dress with glittery accents
Lisa Vanderpump | David Becker/Getty Images

How to create a glittering, sophisticated aesthetic    

Vanderpump is known for a decorating taste that screams glitzy elegance, and she’s glad to share some tips with fans who hope to create a similar effect.

First, keep this in mind: “Vases are such an important element to your home, as flowers are one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to add glamour and romance to your décor.”

Vanderpump suggests investing in an array of vases and mixing fresh flowers with fake flowers to cut down on costs and get a similar look. These vases can make great accents on shelves or centerpieces on tables. Simple enough, right?

Next, strive for dim lighting. Lamps, candles, and candelabras can be used to create a faint light effect. Another Vanderpump tip: replace your lightbulbs with pink bulbs “for a softer, more romantic glow at night”. Also, replacing light switches with dimmers might be an option for some people.  

Lastly, Vanderpump notes that displaying great art and shiny décor can perfect the aesthetic. Something simple can look like an elegant masterpiece if it’s accentuated properly. For instance, she notes how decorating a silver tray with a vase and colorful flowers can easily amplify the display’s elegance.

Preparation is prevention

Lisa Vanderpump and Pandora Sabo cooking, wearing aprons
Lisa Vanderpump and Pandora Sabo | FOX Image Collection/Getty Images

To really impress, Vanderpump suggests being well prepared. Procrastination will not do any good when trying to host an outstandingly elegant event. It’s best to get in front of the preparations.

Vanderpump recommends planning and prepping everything so that you can enjoy the fruits of your labor when your guests arrive. Not only will you appreciate the favor to yourself, your guests won’t get the impression you’ve just thrown everything together.

To be ready for the event, use Very Vanderpump’s 5-step mantra: plan, pre-make, prepare, pre-prep, and pre-set.

Great food needs stunning ‘visual displays and tablescapes’

Vanderpump offers a variety of food and drink recipes for those who are interested, but she also offers tips on what she calls “the visual art of entertaining”. As she notes, what’s on the menu is important, but how it’s presented is, too.

From serving pieces to table linens and settings, every little piece is a crucial part of the total experience. So, she suggests using personal touches to “make your guests feel like you’ve made things special on their behalf”. As she says, just a bit of formality can let your guests know that you’ve “taken the time and care to really make your event special”.

Setting the table in advance and placing napkins, silverware, and glasses in their proper place can add a formal touch, according to Vanderpump. She also suggests using beautiful serving pieces and simple tablecloths to make bold statements.  

All of this creates “visual displays and tablescapes” reminiscent of Vanderpump – and impressive to dinner guests!

If guests drink wine, serve Vanderpump Wines

Lisa Vanderpump in black dress and white hat, holding two bottles of her wine
Lisa Vanderpump | Gilbert Carrasquillo/Getty Images

If your party includes entertaining adults 21+ with alcoholic beverages, then Vanderpump has what you need for that, too. The family has a “cultivated” love for wine, so they introduced Vanderpump Wines.

For those who prefer cocktails, Very Vanderpump has some elegant recipes that are right on Vanderpump brand – like a Butterfly French 75 or a Strawberry Rosé Margarita.  

Invite good company

One thing Vanderpump seems to know well is that the people you spend time with will be the biggest influence on what kind of evening you’ll have. She did walk away from RHOBH because she wasn’t enjoying the company, after all. There’s really no point in working hard to entertain bad guests. So, be careful of who makes the invite list, because the wrong person can ruin the night for everyone!

And there you have it! Following these tips will get planning your next elegant event off to a great start!

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