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Romance Korean dramas are a favorite among fans. They encompass all the binge-worthy tropes of falling in love with a twist. The genre of romance K-dramas has flourished in 2021 as the streaming platform Viki has premiered many worthwhile titles. Fans can pick from sweet young high school romance to the nerve-wracking love story between a king and his court maid like The Red Sleeve.

'School 2021' lead characters in a 2021 romance K-drama embracing each other.
‘School 2021’ lead characters in a 2021 romance K-drama | via Viki

‘School 2021’ is a cute and sweet teen romance K-drama

The K-drama School 2021 is the newest installment in the School franchise. It focuses on a group of high school students. For this drama, Gong Ki-joon (Kim Yo-han), Jung Young-joo (Cho Young-woo), and Jin Ji-won (Jo Yi-Hyung) all attend a specialized vocational high school.

Ki-joon once dreamed of following his passion for TaeKwonDo until an injury forced him to rethink. When Young-joo transfers in, it causes a rift with Ki-joon. They were once friends until a tragic accident pulled them apart. Ji-won is confident of following her dream of becoming a carpenter despite her mother’s backlash.

A teen love triangle starts to brew in the midst of each character trying to follow their dreams. It is the often loved storyline of who will fall in love and leave with a broken heart.

School 20121 is available to stream on Viki.

‘Melancholia’ combines mathematic and love into a drama filled storyline

Melancholia has a promising premise that would intrigue any fan. Starring Sweet Home actor Lee Do-hyun as Paik Seung-Yoo and Lim Soo-jung as Ji Yoon-Su, it tells the turbulent try of a math teacher and her gifted student. Seung-yoo attends an elite private high school.

This unassuming student hides a brilliant mind and is a math prodigy. He keeps his past and talents hidden after a tragic event as a child. The arrival of the new math teacher Yoon-su has him regain his love for math.

But the high school is seeped with corruption and destroys the life of Yoon-su when she is accused of an inappropriate relationship.

Melancholia is available to stream on Viki.

‘Let Me Be Your Knight’ an idol filled romance K-drama worth watching

Another buzzworthy 2021 romance K-drama is Let Me Be Your Knight. It encompasses a fun section of K-drama genres involving K-pop idols. Yoon Tae-in (Lee Jun-young) is the leader of the hit boy group Luna. When their latest album fails, he starts to sleepwalk.

To help him, the group’s manager suggests a renowned doctor in the field. In Yoon-joo (Jung In-sun) gets swindled out of her savings when she buys her family’s former home. Her famous doctor twin sister also rejects her.

When Luna’s manager mistakes Yoon-joo for her sister, she takes the opportunity. While pretending to be her sister, she looks for ways to help Tae-in, and along the way, he develops feelings for her.

Let Me Be Your Knight is available to stream on Viki.

‘Now, We Are Breaking Up’ is a complex love story about fate

Now, We Are Breaking Up generated a buzz for being Jang Ki-yong’s last K-drama before his military enlistment. He plays the lead role as Yoon Jae-gook alongside actor Song Hye-kyo as Ha Young-eun. In the 2021 romance K-drama, the two characters have a one-night stand.

They never expected to see each other again until they crossed paths in their careers. Young-eun looks away from love to focus on her career after a bad relationship. Meanwhile, Jae-gook prefers to date. Their love story began much earlier than they realized and was destined by fate.

Now, We Are Breaking Up is available to stream on Viki.

‘The Red Sleeve’ is a tense romance K-drama about a king and a concubine


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Based on real-life characters, The Red Sleeve is one of 2021’s most talked-about historical romance K-dramas. It tells the story of a future prince and his royal court lady. Yi San (Lee Junho) has grown up with resentment over his father’s death and living up to his grandfather’s wishes.

Seong Deok-im (Lee Se-young) is a court lady who wishes to live a simple life without becoming a concubine. But fate has other ideas when Deok-im and Yi San’s lives intertwine. They develop feelings for each other, but the complex political turmoil in the palace complicates their story.

The Red Sleeve is available to stream on Viki.