5 of the Most Surprising Guest Roles and Cameos by South Korean Actors in ‘Dramaworld’

The 2016 Korean-American series Dramaworld has one key aspect that makes it unique for Korean drama fans. As its storyline centers on a K-drama fan transported into her favorite drama, she encounters different couples and characters. K-drama fans will likely gasp in shock as many guest roles and cameos in Dramaworld are well-renowned South Korean actors from acclaimed dramas.

Actor Choi Siwon in 'Dramaland' cameo touching face of female lead.
Actor Choi Siwon in ‘Dramaland’ cameo | via IMDb

Lee Ji-ah makes a comical cameo in ‘Dramaworld’

Actor Lee Ji-ah is no stranger to K-drama. Lee has had a long career in the industry who made her debut in the 2007 drama The Legend. She also starred as Kang Yoon-hee in My Mister as the wife of a main character who has an affair. Fans will certainly recognize Lee for her leading role in the critically acclaimed drama The Penthouse: War in Life as Shim Su-ryeon and Na Ae-kyo.

In Dramaworld, she makes a short cameo appearance alongside leading actor Liv Hewson as Claire Duncan. Claire tries to help Joon (Sean Dulake) fix his relationship with the female lead. She is interrupted by a courier who has her sign for a package. When Claire realizes the package is not for her, Lee appears dressed in a bathrobe and hair towel to scold Claire for taking her package.

‘All of Us Are Dead’ actor Kim Byung-chul cameos as a taxi driver

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With the recent fame of All of Us Are Dead on Netflix, the main cast have become global stars. Kim Byung-chul plays the role of science teacher Lee Byung-chan, responsible for the K-drama virus. Back in 2016, the actor made a cameo appearance in Dramaworld. When Claire first enters an alternate reality, she takes a taxi.

The taxi driver happens to be Kim. He speaks Korea and Claire is shocked to learn she can understand him despite never having learned the language. Before Kim’s cameo appearance, he was an already accredited actor. He played a lieutenant in Descendants of the Sun, Il-sik in Mr. Sunshine, and starred in Guardian: The Lonely and Great God and Sky Castle. He also played Seon Min-sik in the crime drama Doctor Prisoner.

Park Jin-joo’s ‘Dramaworld’ cameo is not her first

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Fans eagerly adore South Korean actor Park Jin-joo. She has had multiple cameos in popular K-dramas throughout her career. She has cameoed in The Legend of the Blue Sea, My Sassy Girl, Hotel Del Luna, Backstreet Rookie, and Lovestruck in the City. In Dramaworld, Park’s cameo is in episode 1, appearing in a Soju commercial.

Park is well known for her cute and bubbly demeanor on-screen, having main roles in Her Private Life, While You Were Sleeping, and the Emmy nominated K-drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay. She recently starred as Lee Sol-yi in Netflix’s romance drama Our Beloved Summer.

Choi Siwon gained worldwide fame as K-Pop idol turned actor

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It is not likely that a K-drama fan does not recognize Choi Siwon. Hence making his cameo appearance in Dramaworld exciting to see. Choi appears while Claire is learning the rules of Dramaworld. Claire sees Choi in danger of getting hurt. Like any normal person, she runs to save him. The only problem is that anyone in Dramaworld can be subjected to a K-drama trope.

When Claire saves Choi, he instantly falls in love. K-drama fans know this trope very well. Choi became a household name in South Korea and international fans as a member of the boy group Super Junior. He then ventured into acting landing roles in Oh! My Lady and My Fellow Citizens! He played the lovable second male lead in She Was Pretty alongside Hwang Jung-eum and Park Seo-joon.

‘Dramaworld’ was one of Woo Do-hwan’s first acting roles

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Back in 2016, actor Woo Do-hwan was starting his acting career. He had two movie roles under his belt alongside his role as Seung-woo in Dramaworld. Woo’s character was the K-drama’s second male lead. After Dramaworld, Woo became a rising star in the acting industry.

He played one of K-drama’s most recognized bad boys Kwon Si-hyeon in Tempted. Before the romance drama, his impressive acting was displayed in the horror movie The Divine Fury, and the psychological thriller K-drama Save Me. Woo then impressed fans with the limited K-drama My Country: The New Age and for playing two different characters in Netflix’s The King: Eternal Monarch.

Dramaworld is available to stream on Amazon Prime TV.