5 Scary Movies With ‘Killer Moms’ to Watch This Mother’s Day

Some of the most gnarly villains in horror flicks also happen to be mothers. In honor of Mother’s Day, here is a must-watch movie list dedicated to killer moms — moms who are actually the brutal baddies in the stories. The holiday that celebrates motherhood is an ideal time to revisit these five films that paint Dear Ol’ Mom as an awesomely wicked movie monster. And when you’re done reading this, check out 5 Twisted Movies for Horror Fans (And Their Moms) On Mother’s Day.

[Spoiler alert: This article contains plot details from various films.]

1.‘The Curse of La Llorona’ (2019)

The Curse of La Llorona is based on a legend rooted in Hispanic culture. In the myth, a woman drowns her children and herself. La Llorona, translated as The Weeping Woman, is doomed to repeat the vicious cycle as her soul walks the Earth forever, stealing and drowning children. The Curse of La Llorona tells this ghost story on the backdrop of LA in 1973. This film is enough to send chills down your spine.

2. ‘Coraline’ (2009)

Don’t let the stop-motion animation fool you. Coraline is creepy as heck. The film follows a bored youngster named Coraline, who finds a gateway into an alternate dimension. Every night she visits the fantastical world, which houses her Other Mother, Other Father, and Other Others, who look identical to their real-world counterparts, besides the fact that they all have buttons for eyes. Coraline is spoiled with treats and fun by her Other Mother but soon discovers that things that seem too good to be true are probably intended to kill you.

3. ‘Friday the 13th’ (1980)

In Friday the 13th, amorous camp counselors at Crystal Lake are stalked and slaughtered by a mysterious maniac. In the end, the killer is revealed to be Pamela Voorhees, the grieving mother of Jason, a young boy who drowned while swimming unsupervised at the camp. The slasher flick kicked off a franchise of a dozen films, including a reboot in 2009. While Mrs. Voorhees launched the first massacre, her resurrected son takes over the machete in the sequels.

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4. ‘The People Under the Stairs’ (1991)

The comedy-horror romp, The People Under the Stairs, goes inside a mysterious house where a peculiar couple keeps stolen children locked in the cellar. Deprived of sunlight, food, love, and other necessities, the captives descend into cannibalism. To amp up the ick factor, “Mommy” and “Daddy” are revealed to be siblings.

5. ‘Scream 2’ (1997)

The Scream franchise revolves around Sidney Prescott, the frequent target of various Ghostface killers. Each of the four Scream films features a different villain under the mask, all with their own convoluted reasons for wanting Sid dead. In Scream 2, Laurie Metcalf has the honor of playing the mastermind behind the carnage. Her character, Debbie Salt, is the mother of the original Scream slasher, Billy Loomis, who Sidney and friends defeated at the end of the first movie.

This list of scary movies is enough to get any film buff started on a Mother’s Day binge. But there are many more mom-themed horror flicks to enjoy, including these: 5 Twisted Movies for Horror Fans (And Their Moms) On Mother’s Day.