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The Boys Season 3 has officially come and gone, and fans will be looking for ways to occupy themselves as they await season 4 on Prime Video. Fortunately, plenty of exciting superhero content has come out over the past few years — and several series take unique approaches to the genre. If you’re looking for a show to watch on the heels of The Boys Season 3, we’d recommend checking out one (or all) of these.

Jack Quaid (Hughie Campbell), Karl Urban (Billy Butcher), Tomer Capone (Frenchie), Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko), and Laz Alonso (Mother's Milk) in a promotional photo for 'The Boys' Season 3, which set up season 4 with its ending. The group is standing in front of a white plane.
Jack Quaid, Karl Urban, Tomer Capone, Karen Fukuhara, and Laz Alonso | Amazon Studios

‘Invincible’ – Prime Video

If you’ve been keeping up with The Boys Season 3, you probably have access to other shows on Prime Video. And that means Invincible is already at your fingertips.

The animated series will appeal to viewers looking for a dark twist on the typical superhero narrative. Like The Boys, it demonstrates the dangers of a powerful, idolized hero becoming corrupt. And the hero in question is just as twisted as Homelander (Antony Starr) — and just as interesting in terms of characterization.

There are also plenty of good heroes in the world of Invincible, and watching them fight back against the darkness may remind fans of The Boys’ struggles to bring down Vought. Although they have abilities of their own, Mark Grayson and his friends are outmatched by the show’s villain. And things could get worse when Invincible Season 2 arrives.

‘The Umbrella Academy’ – Netflix

Another unique take on the superhero genre, The Umbrella Academy isn’t quite as dark as The Boys — but it does feature incredibly flawed superhumans.

The Netflix series opens with the Hargreeves family coming together for their adopted father’s funeral. Reginald (Colm Feore) took in the group as children and trained them to use their abilities for the greater good. However, familial issues have left the Hargreeves divided and incapable of working as a team. But they’ll have to figure out the latter, as season 1 sees them facing the apocalypse.

In fact, most seasons of The Umbrella Academy see the siblings taking on the end of the world. And their growth feels more heartwarming than the trajectory of a show like The Boys. Still, their flawed nature and atypical approach to being heroes will likely appeal to fans of the Prime Video series. And with season 3 recently arriving on Netflix, there’s no better time to dive in!

‘Peacemaker’ – HBO Max

Speaking of flawed and unlikely heroes, Peacemaker will appeal to fans of The Boys as well. On the heels of The Boys Season 3, it’s the perfect show to pick up — especially if you’re hoping for something hilarious and vulgar.

Peacemaker isn’t as graphic as The Boys, but it does feature plenty of cursing and violence. It also addresses modern-day social issues, another thing it has in common with the Prime Video series. Its main cast has some major shortcomings, and they need to learn to work together as a team. In that sense, they’re reminiscent of The Boys themselves. Like Butcher and his allies, they don’t even have superpowers.

Peacemaker also pokes fun at DC Comics despite being a product of the franchise. Although Peacemaker falls under the DC banner, it’s no ordinary DCEU story. If you’re looking for jokes about Aquaman (Jason Momoa) getting it on with fish and Batman being a failure, look no further. This series may be the best next watch for you.

‘Watchmen’ – HBO Max

Watchmen doesn’t lean into humor as much as other shows on this list, but its emphasis on tackling social issues and atypical approach to heroes makes it a promising match for fans of The Boys.

HBO’s adaptation of Alan Moore’s comic dives into topics like racism and police brutality. As such, its political commentary is just as relevant as the discussion offered in The Boys Season 3.

Of course, the commentary isn’t the only reason to check out Watchmen on HBO Max. Its unique approach to Moore’s story features powerful women, fascinating mysteries, and compelling action. When it comes to recent comic adaptations, this is not one you’ll want to miss out on.

‘The Boys Presents: Diabolical’ – Prime Video


‘The Boys’ Season 4: Everything We Know So Far

Looking for shows to watch after The Boys Season 3 but not sure anything else can compare? Consider watching The Boys Presents: Diabolical, which will keep you in the world of the Prime Video series. This animated spinoff came out back in March, and it delivered eight “fun-size” stories about Vought, Supes, and The Boys.

Whether you’re looking for original tales set in The Boys’ world or hoping to see familiar faces, Diabolical has you covered. In fact, the anthology series even expands on Homelander and Black Noir’s (Nathan Mitchell) relationship, making it a perfect follow-up to season 3.