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Kylie Jenner has long been one of the most polarizing figures in pop culture. Having been in the public eye for most of her life, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star is no stranger to feedback on the internet—most recently her appearance in Megan thee Stallion and Cardi B’s “WAP” video.

However, during 2020 in particular, Jenner has experienced a significant amount of backlash from her detractors via social media. Jenner is extremely active on her social platforms, which exposes her to commentary from those who aren’t her biggest fans.

That being said, here are five times Jenner raked over the coals by her haters on social media.

Kylie Jenner had a cameo in the ‘WAP’ Video

On Aug. 7, Cardi B and Megan thee Stallion teamed on Cardi’s new single, “WAP.” While the record itself has received critical acclaim and become a major cultural phenomenon, the video has gotten a slightly different response.

Jenner was selected to make a cameo in the video, and many fans were not happy about her appearance in it. While some fans understood the marketing tactic behind featuring Jenner, others were outraged by her presence, with over 60,000 people signing a petition to have her removed from the video.  

Although Jenner was initially excited to be a part of the video, the backlash has started to get to her.

Jenner claimed she ‘hated’ 2020

In February, Jenner took to Twitter to express her disdain for how the year had begun. On the heels of NBA legend Kobe Bryant and rapper Pop Smoke’s deaths, Jenner was having a hard time staying positive.

However, many people felt that someone in her position of privilege and wealth had no right to complain about life, no matter how grim things may seem. To be fair, a number of people that saw her tweet failed to release that she was speaking on the previously-mentioned tragedies, so some gave her a pass.

Her Australia wildfires Instagram post came off as hypocritical

In January, a massive wildfire ravaged Australia, drawing attention from celebrities and media outlets worldwide. Jenner felt compelled to speak out about the issue and reposted a message Kim Kardashian West had posted regarding the wildfire.

The trouble began when she posted another photo of herself wearing $1,500 mink Louis Vuitton slippers just hours later, which many found to be hypocritical. 

Fans did not miss the opportunity to jump all over her about the hypocrisy of her posts.

Jenner’s toe appeared shorter than the others

Jenner posted several rather provocative photos alongside her sister in March, but all of the attention went straight to her feet. Fans were fixated on the fact that the middle toe on her right foot appears shorter than the others.

People on social media are notorious for pointing out the flaws of celebrities, and users wasted no time attacking her odd-looking metatarsal.

Jenner cleared the air by explaining she broke her toe when she was younger, leaving it permanently disfigured.

Fans claimed she appropriates Black culture  


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Jenner has a long and complicated history with her perceived appropriation of Black culture. Aesthetically speaking, many of her physical features that are celebrated by the media are often looked down upon when Black women have them. 

Because of this, many people in the Black community feel that she “steals” from Black culture without giving credit to the people that popularized some of her most iconic looks. In June, the sentiment continued after she posted a photo of her hair in cornrows. 

Fans requested that she use her platform to bring more awareness to issues in the Black community. 

Although many of Jenner’s social media dustups may seem like insignificant issues in the bigger picture, they just go to show that no matter what she does, there will always be people against her.