50 Cent Pranked Girlfriend Cuban Link on Her Birthday With a ‘Birkin’ Bag

50 Cent can take credit for his epic trolling skills and no one is off limits—not celebrities, not the president, and not even his girlfriend, Cuban Link.

Though he sometimes cracks jokes about her on social media, fans seem to think she’ll wind up being the one he marries. On occasion, he posts videos of the gifts he’s given her during the course of their relationship. But on her birthday, 50 Cent went a different route and pranked her with a luxury Birkin lookalike.  

50 Cent Cuban Link
50 Cent and Jamira ‘Cuban Link’ Haines at ‘Power’ series finale screening | Brad Barket/Getty Images for STARZ

50 Cent gifts Cuban Link a ‘Birkin’ handbag

Those who’ve been hanging out on the internet for the past few weeks know there’s been a discussion about owning Birkin bags, knockoffs, and what they do and don’t represent about one’s relationship or financial status.

Various celebrities joined in on the debate to give their two cents, with some giving advice and some giving side eye. 50 Cent was clearly aware of the social media chatter and pulled a birthday prank on Cuban Link.

Cuban Link (whose real name is Jamira Haines) celebrated her b-day on Nov. 12 and her loved ones threw her a party. In a video clip, 50 Cent is seen unboxing what’s believed to be a Hermès Birkin bag in its signature orange packaging. However, that’s not what’s in the pouch. He announces he bought her a handbag from Marshall’s.

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After everyone had a laugh, he revealed the real Birkin and in a funny twist, Cuban Link is keeping the Marshall’s purse. 50 Cent posted a video of her on Instagram tucking it away on a shelf. “Let me not play and act like I never used to wear bags from Marshall’s,” she said.

The couple sparked breakup rumors in the summer

Back in June, rumors emerged that the couple split after people noticed Cuban Link deleted some photos of her beau from Instagram. The speculation proved to be untrue as they continued to shout each other out on social media. In July, the pair celebrated 50 Cent’s birthday.

His closest friends and family threw him a surprise bash for his 45th birthday in New York, and Cuban Link was right by the entertainment mogul’s side. A YouTube video from his channel showed comedian Michael Blackson was among those on deck for the festivities.

How long have 50 Cent and Cuban Link been dating?

It’s be more than a year since the duo got together, having first been linked in August 2019. 50 Cent sometimes posts photos and videos of them traveling, flexing, or hanging out. In addition to the Birkin handbag, Cuban Link also received a new watch or two for her birthday.

The aspiring corporate attorney once joked that when she and 50 Cent met, she refused to give him her home address for their first date. She wanted to check him out and figure out who he really was.

Fast forward and the couple is still going strong, with Cuban Link hinting about a timeline for future kids.

Now 26, she’s working toward completing her law degree and has plans to launch a few new businesses.