6 Must-Watch K-Dramas Coming in the Rest of 2022

Fans have had their hands full in 2022 with newly released K-dramas that have taken the cake as some of the best. From Extraordinary Attorney Woo dominating Netflix’s Top 10 list for Non-English series to Park Min-young’s complex romance, Love in Contract, there is so much to watch. But 2022 is not over, and fans are in for a long list of upcoming K-dramas to mark on their calendars.

2022 K-dramas 'The Gloy,' The Queen's Umbrella,' and 'Glitch.'
2022 K-dramas ‘The Gloy,’ The Queen’s Umbrella,’ and ‘Glitch’ | via Netflix and tvN

‘The Fabulous’ is a realistic romance set in the hustle and bustle of the fashion industry

Shinee idol and actor Choi Min-ho revealed a first look at his upcoming K-drama The Fabulous during Netflix’s Tudum Korea event. Choi stars as a photo retoucher who is handsome beyond words. But he has lost his passion for his career and love. His co-star Chae Soo-bin stars as Pyo Ji-eun, section chief of a luxury brand promotion agency.

Ji-eun has dreamed of getting where she is in the fashion industry since childhood. While loving her job, she deals with its many stresses and challenges. The Fabulous revolves around the two characters and their close group of friends as they deal with life and find love.

The Fabulous is set to premiere on Netflix on Nov.4.

‘The Glory’ is Netflix’s 2022 revenge K-drama starring Song Hye-kyo

Netflix generated some buzz announcing The Glory. The K-drama stars Descendant of the Sun and Now, We Are Breaking Up actor Song Hye-kyo in the leading role of Moon Don-eun. Its storyline focuses on Don-eun, who once dreamed of being an architect in high school.

But her life changes when she is brutally attacked by a group of bullies that forces her to leave school. Years later, her bully is married and has a child that attends the school where Don-eun teaches. It becomes her prime opportunity for revenge against her bully and those who allowed it to happen. The Glory also stars Sweet Home and Youth of May actor Lee Do-hyun as Ju Yeo-jeong.

The Glory is set to premiere on Netflix on Dec. 30.

‘Bad Prosecutor’ stars EXO’s D.O as a hot-headed and out-of-the-ordinary prosecutor

Bad Prosecutor marks D.O’s first K-drama role since he was discharged from military service. In the 2022 K-drama, Jin Jung is not an ordinary prosecutor who wears a suit and tie and carries a briefcase. Instead, he uses trickery and forgoes lawful procedure to seek justice. Despite his rude manner and reputation, Jin Jung has a high sense of morals and for punishing the corrupt.

Fans will get to see D.O shine as a character that stands by the side of the underprivileged no matter what. Bad Prosecutor also stars Lee Se-hee as Shin A-ra, a senior prosecutor who is the opposite of Jin Jung. She cannot understand how Jin Jung survived in his profession for so long.

Bad Prosecutor will premiere on Oct. 5 on KBS2.

‘Cheer Up’ is the more upbeat and K-drama version of ‘Bring It On’

Actor Han Ji-hyun made a name for herself as the character Joo Seok-kyung in The Penthouse K-drama franchise. She will now star in her first leading role in the 2022 K-drama Cheer Up. Fans might have already guessed the type of storyline from the title.

Cheer Up will be a welcome change with a lighter story for anyone who is a fan of cheerleading drama from the infamous Bring It On franchise. Do Hae-yi (Han) focuses more on making money due to her low-income family background. While attending Yeonhee University, she joins the cheering squad Teyia for money. But along the way, she is able to enjoy the splendors of college life, her youth, and friendship.

Cheer Up will premiere on Oct. 3 on SBS.

‘The Queen’s Umbrella’ is a 2022 K-drama where a Queen turns rambunctious Princes into perfect royalty

After Netflix’s Juvenile Prosecutor, K-drama fans are eager to see actor Kim Hye-soo in her leading role in the 2022 K-drama The Queen’s Umbrella. Fans are in for a historical black comedy depicting the Joseon era’s top 1% education system. Queen Im Hwa-ryung is firm but a devoted mother to her sons. Her goal is to break her sons’ bad habits and turn them into respectable princes.

But it proves difficult as the Queen has forgone some of her royal statuses and etiquette along the way to make it happen. The K-drama will have five troublesome princes and, according to NME, a special appearance by actor and idol Rain.

The Queen’s Umbrella will air on Netflix and tvN on Oct. 15.

‘Glitch’ has the female lead team up with UFO enthusiasts to find her boyfriend

Plenty of K-dramas dive into the sci-fi genre or non-human characters. But Netflix’s 2022 K-drama Glitch takes it a step further. The highly anticipated K-drama stars Jeon Yeo-been in the leading role of Hong Ji-hyo. Fans recall Jeon from her dynamic role in the mafia crime K-drama Vincenzo.


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In Glitch, her character has a stable life, a job, and a boyfriend. While no longer in love, she has dated her boyfriend for years and started contemplating marriage. But he suddenly disappears in a flash of unknown light. With no one to believe her, she seeks the help of UFO enthusiasts and meets the eccentric Heo Bo-ra (Nana). While investigating, Ji-hyo learns a startling truth that changes the reality of how she sees the world.

Glitch will premiere on Netflix on Oct. 7.