62 ‘One Piece’ Episodes Added to Netflix


  • Netflix added 62 more episodes of One Piece to its platform on July 22.
  • There are now 13 seasons of the long-running anime on Netflix.
  • It doesn’t look like the streamer will add new seasons of One Piece to its library in August.
Key art for 'One Piece,' which is bringing more episodes to Netflix in July 2022. The left side features Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hats and the right side features the 'One Piece' logo.
Key art for ‘One Piece’ | Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Toei Animation

One Piece recently surpassed 1,000 episodes, and Netflix is doing its best to get the entirety of the anime on its platform. Since May 2022, the streaming service has added three new seasons of One Piece to its library every month. And it added another batch of episodes on July 22 — though it sounds like there won’t be another drop in August.

Netflix added 62 ‘One Piece’ episodes on Friday, July 22

That’s right, Netflix added another 62 episodes of One Piece to its library on Friday, July 22. That brings the grand total of installments available on the platform to 325.

The newest chapters cover the Enies Lobby, CP9, and Goodbye Going Merry arcs of the anime. This drop keeps in line with Netflix’s recent schedule. Since May, the streamer has added three seasons of One Piece on the 22nd of each month.

With its live-action One Piece series currently in production, bringing the anime to its library is a smart move on Netflix’s part. This gives fans the chance to catch up on Monkey D. Luffy’s story ahead of the adaptation’s debut. But how many seasons of One Piece are currently available on Netflix? The service needs to add a few more before it’s completely caught up.

How many ‘One Piece’ seasons are on Netflix?

After adding its latest batch of episodes, Netflix now has 13 seasons of One Piece available to stream. The current offerings take fans through the Goodbye Going Merry Arc. However, they don’t bring them up to speed with the anime’s most recent chapters.

Here’s the full list of seasons currently on the platform, along with how many installments they comprise:

  1. East Blue (61 episodes)
  2. Entering Into the Grand Line (16 episodes)
  3. Enter Chopper at the Winter Island (15 episodes)
  4. Alabasta (38 episodes)
  5. TV Original 1 (13 episodes) “Post-Alabasta Filler Arc”
  6. Sky Island: Skypeia (30 episodes)
  7. Sky Island: The Golden Ball (22 episodes)
  8. The Naval Fortress (11 episodes)
  9. The Foxy Pirate Crew (22 episodes)
  10. The “Water Seven” Chapter (35 episodes)
  11. Enies Lobby (21 episodes)
  12. CP9 (22 episodes)
  13. Goodbye Going Merry (19 episodes)

As of this writing, One Piece is in the midst of its 20th season. It’s unlikely Netflix will stream the current outing until it’s finished airing. Of course, it can still get closer to the Wano Country Arc. Another two three-season drops could bring the first 19 seasons to the streaming service. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like subscribers will see more content next month.

New episodes of ‘One Piece’ won’t come to Netflix in August

Although Netflix is rapidly catching up on One Piece, it doesn’t look like the streamer will drop more episodes in August 2022. It recently released its press release detailing what subscribers can expect next month. And looking at Decider’s recap of the August lineup, more seasons of the anime aren’t on the agenda.

That could be because Netflix is almost caught up to the show’s current outing. With its live-action One Piece likely not arriving until 2023 or later, it may want to spread these final drops out a bit. Fortunately, there’s still plenty of the anime available to enjoy.

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