7 Best New TV Shows Coming to Disney+ in October

Disney+ has plenty of excellent TV shows available to stream on its service. October is adding several new shows to its expanding catalog, from nostalgic classics to exciting adventures. There are also a few Disney+ originals that are debuting their latest season. 

Here are the 7 best TV shows coming to Disney+ in October

Big Shot Season 2

John Stamos and Yvette Nicole Brown in Big Shot Season 2 on Disney+
John Stamos and Yvette Nicole Brown | Disney/Christopher Willard

Big Shot is returning to the court for season 2. Big Shot stars John Stamos as a basketball coach who gets booted from the NCAA and takes a job at Westbrook School for Girls. In season 2, he returns to Westbrook to prove that his school belongs in D-2 and that he is still a championship-winning coach. Season 2 of Big Shot premieres on Disney+ on Oct. 12. 

The Simpsons Season 33

Everyone’s favorite yellow family returns in another season of hijinks and humor. The Simpsons continues to break records with its longevity, and the historic 33rd season will be available on Disney+ soon. Subscribers will also be able to check out the latest Treehouse of Horror episode just in time for Halloween. Season 33 of The Simpsons will be on Disney+ starting Oct. 5. 


Fans of the Antonio Banderas Zorro films will have the chance to see the original TV series from the 1950s. The series centers around Don Diego, a Spanish Californian aristocrat who has an alter ego of Zorro. Zorro is a masked swordsman who defends Hispanic settlers and indigenous peoples from their oppressive rulers. Both seasons of Zorro will be available on Disney+ on Oct. 5. 

Bear in the Big Blue House

Bear in the Big Blue House will be a nostalgic trip for many viewers. The kid-friendly show was produced by Jim Henson television and featured Bear and his puppet friends teaching kids various lessons in their big blue house. The series is perfect for toddlers and young adults who may experience fond memories of when they watched it. All four seasons of Bear in the Big Blue House will be available on Disney+ on Oct. 19. 

The Spectacular Spider-Man

The Spectacular Spider-Man is an animated series following the famous web-slinger. Peter Parker is an average high school teen who develops superpowers after being bit by a radioactive spider. He becomes New York’s protector, saving the city from various powerful villains. The Spectacular Spider-Man is available to stream on Disney+ on Oct. 19. 

The Mysterious Benedict Society — Season 2

The Mysterious Benedict Society is another Disney+ original TV show returning for its second season. Tony Hale returns as Mr. Benedict, a strange benefactor who recruits four orphans to undergo a secret mission with global consequences. Season 2 will see the group returning on another mission to defeat Benedict’s evil twin brother. The second season premieres on Disney+ on Oct. 26. 

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi is a new animated anthology series. The show consists of six shorts set in the prequel era, focusing mainly on Ahsoka Tano and a young Count Dooku, with many other Jedi appearing as supporting characters. All six shorts will be available on Disney+ on Oct. 26. 

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