8 ‘Breaking Bad’ Easter Eggs in ‘Better Call Saul’

There was never a show that had as much obsession to detail than Breaking Bad. No wonder it still has people watching in perpetuity to catch all those little Easter eggs that permeate in every episode.

Better Call Saul does the same thing, and no end is in sight for the show or those hidden references. Now at five seasons, a lot of Easter eggs have already built up that connect directly to its predecessor show.

Some of them range from overly obvious to obscure for the most ardent fan. These eight from Better Call Saul are worth looking at again as a reminder the show always gives hints of revolving around the most eye-catching Breaking Bad events.

8. Krazy-8 showing up with the name of his business on his van

Known as Domingo Gallardo Molina, the ill-fated Krazy 8 manages to make some appearances in Better Call Saul here and there. Seeing him again after his haunting death at Walter White’s hand is always a little chilling.

In one particular scene, Domingo shows up in his van flashing his business signage: Tampico Furniture. Many fans will remember Walt talking about buying his son’s crib from this particular store, presumably around the time this Better Call Saul flashback occurs.

Recalling that makes the scene all the more explosive, something the series does recurrently when hinting at events yet to come.

7. Saul Goodman’s desk makes the rounds

Remember Saul’s octagon-shaped desk seen in Breaking Bad? He apparently moves that desk around from place to place. In Better Call Saul, the desk is seen in Kim Wexler’s home office, proving it holds some kind of recurring, odd symbolism.

No doubt many fans ponder why Saul would want an octagonal office desk. So far, this is still a huge mystery.

Before the show ends, perhaps everyone will find out why he chose that desk and where he found it.

6. A stuffed animal bought by Mike Ehrmantraut

A stuffed pig plush is purchased by Mike for his granddaughter at one point in Better Call Saul. If that pig looks familiar, you saw it before on Breaking Bad.

Yes, during an attempt on his life, Mike picks up that stuffed pig doll to distract from being killed. Since the little pig is an animated plush toy, he ties it up to the door to create some noise to confuse the assassin.

While Mike is bumped off later, one can say a little pig saved his life in this instance.

5. The return of Dr. Barry Goodman

A doctor working within the drug ring run by Gus Fring so happened to have the same last name of Saul Goodman. They were not related, yet Dr. Barry Goodman played a significant part in treating injuries incurred by the main players.

Dr. Goodman shows up again in Better Call Saul, showing how his past covert cocaine ring worked with Gus. Out of all the characters, this Goodman was never killed and still lives at the ending of Breaking Bad.

4. The use of a real street name

One thing making Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul so believable is the use of real locations. Saul happens to have his office on the show on Juan Tabo Boulevard, a real street in New Mexico.

This street is also where chemist Gale Boetticher lived on from Breaking Bad. Boetticher was killed off before Breaking Bad ended, yet he shows up on that same street in the flashback timeline for Better Call Saul.

3. Return of the laundromat

Most Breaking Bad fans will remember the infamous laundromat where Gus Fring sets up his meth lab downstairs. Better Call Saul gives a hint to this location when Gus and his business associate, Lydia, visit this same laundromat in the past timeline.

At the time, the business is called Lavandería Brillante, a location hardly attracting attention. Obviously, that sets the idea for setting up a hidden lab for meth production.

2. Saul Goodman convincing a woman he is Kevin Costner

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Many will remember the throwaway line Saul tells Walter White in Breaking Bad where he says he once convinced a woman he was Kevin Costner, the actor. Everyone has a chance to see this play out on an episode of Better Call Saul to hilarious effect.

The point from Saul was he could convince anyone of anything, even if he has misleading ideas about how effective he really is.

1. Origin of Saul Goodman’s name

During Breaking Bad, everyone finds out Saul’s real name is Jimmy McGill. How he got the name “Saul Goodman” was always a mystery until Better Call Saul had a quick early flashback to Saul saying “S’all good man” to a random person. He uttered this during a Rolex watch scam while making extra street money on the side.

Even if Saul is not the brightest tool in the shed, all the references to how he got where he is more than showcases the clever writing intricacies.