8 Photos of Kate Middleton That Prove She’s the Most Relatable Royal Family Member

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge was a commoner before she married into the British royal family in 2011. Even though she comes from a relatively wealthy family, Kate still comes across to many as the most relatable royal. Her parents didn’t raise her in a strict royal bubble, and she had years of independence before marrying Prince William. Here are eight photos of Kate that proves she’s just like us.

Kate Middleton
Kate Middleton | Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

1. She gets nervous watching sporting events

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As fans know, Kate is a former athlete who still leads an extremely active lifestyle. She’s also a big sports fan, and cameras have caught the duchess during tense moments while rooting for her favorite team. At the 2012 Olympics in London, photos emerged of Kate in both nervous and joyful situations while cheering on UK athletes.

2. Kate Middleton has snappy comebacks

Members of the royal family make numerous public appearances that bring them face-to-face with fans and well-wishers on a regular basis. While most royals keep things very prim and proper when speaking with fans, Kate has been known to showcase her wit with snappy comebacks.

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When one royal fan told her that they got up at 4:30 am to watch her wedding, Kate replied, “I’m so sorry.”

3. Every woman has a nightmare story about bangs

Nearly every woman has a nightmare bangs story, and Kate is no exception. In September 2015, Kate caught the bangs bug and got a new haircut. Just one month later, Kate was clipping the bangs back. Cameras have caught Kate numerous times on a bad hair day, and the natural elements don’t ever help.

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4. Chasing after toddlers

Kate is the mom of three – Prince George, 7, Princess Charlotte, 5, and Prince Louis, 2. Just like any mom of three small children, Kate has to chase them around and keep them in check. Not long after she gave birth to Prince George, cameras caught Kate running after her firstborn son during a polo match.

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Photos have also emerged of her scolding young George when he gets in trouble and trying to wrangle Charlotte while she’s having a tantrum.

5. The Duchess of Cambridge acknowledges her flaws

During an engagement in Australia, Kate and William found themselves caught up in an extremely awkward photo opp. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge posed for photos with a DJ’s turntable, and Kate acknowledged how awkward it was for her to pretend to spin on the ones and twos.

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6. She likes to gloat when she wins a contest

Kate is an extremely smart and talented woman. When she bests her husband during a competition, Kate makes sure he knows all about it. In 2014, Kate and William competed against each other in a New Zealand yacht race. After Kate’s team won twice, cameras caught her giving William a shoulder shrug and gloating about her victories for the rest of the day.

Kate Middleton yacht race
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7. Kate Middleton admits that being a mom can be lonely

Kate is often photographed with at least one of her children. She’s also an amateur photographer who loves to share pics of her kids. However, she admits that being a mom can be lonely.

Prince George Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte
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“It is lonely at times and you do feel quite isolated, but actually so many other mothers are going through exactly what you are going through,” she said in 2017. “Nothing can really prepare you for the sheer overwhelming experience of what it means to become a mother.”

8. The Duchess of Cambridge can be ‘normal’ when the occasion calls for it

Kate Middleton Guinness
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Throughout the years, cameras have spotted Kate riding a bus, enjoying a pint of Guinness, and getting silly with her kids. Despite the fact that she is a high-ranking senior royal who will someday be the queen consort, Kate knows how to be “normal” and enjoy the little things in life.