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During the coronavirus outbreak, we’re all having to become a little more self-sufficient and resilient than we might otherwise. But if you’re not into the DIY lifestyle, you might be stressed or panicked about the prospect of COVID-19 isolation. Never fear! There are plenty of resources available that can help you get started, whether you’re just learning to boil water or want to level up your existing homesteading skills.

Here are eight YouTube channels that can help you accomplish everything you need to get done while you’re stuck at home—from home repairs, gardening, and building to sewing, DIY beauty, and cooking from scratch.

Windowsill garden
Windowsill garden | Photo by Britta Pedersen/picture alliance via Getty Images

Self Sufficient Me

A popular channel with well over 600,000 subscribers, Self Sufficient Me is all about growing your own food in a sustainable way.

Most of the videos focus on practical, sustainable gardening tips, especially when it comes to growing fruits and vegetables you can use in everyday dishes. Recent videos focus on the importance of growing your own food during a pandemic and quickly planting garden beds for fresh vegetables during the public health crisis.

Still It

Don’t want to head to the liquor store right now? Maybe it’s time to distill your own liquor. Make your own beer and spirits at home with this accessible video series. Plus, recent videos hone in on how home brewing and home distilling can help you during COVID-19. There’s even a how-to guide on making your own hand sanitizer at home.

Mr. Build It

If you were recently planning a home makeover or some upgrades, your hopes might have been dashed (or at least temporarily stalled) by the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Build It can get you on the right track all on your own with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on building and repairs of every kind. Do your own tiling, make over your own shower, or craft your own built-in shelves. (Hey, you’re stuck at home anyway.)

The Kneady Homesteader

This busy homesteading channel will teach you everything you need to know about “doing it yourself” in terms of cooking and growing—from how to make your own sourdough bread to how to try your hand at canning for the first time. There are also plenty of easy, from-scratch recipes for quick dinners, as well as tips on how to make household basics like vanilla extract on your own.

Noel’s BIG Family Life

If you’re cooking for a large group while sheltering in place, look no further for ideas than Noel’s BIG Family Life. Frequent uploads from the mom of seven include videos on full days of meals in quarantine, with a focus on efficiency, budget-friendliness, and scratch cooking. You won’t be so tempted to order Domino’s with help from this thrift-minded, self-sufficiency channel.

Dan Pattison

Not sure how to do basic home repairs during shelter-in-place orders? Dan Pattison can help. His channel offers guidance on DIY repairs, including a series of videos for ultimate beginners. There are also plenty of videos on the best tools you’ll need to start your at-home workshop.

Easy Sewing For Beginners

Learn how to hem pants, mend rips, hand sew, and properly maintain a sewing machine on this ultra-accessible channel. If you’re hoping to start some crafting projects to keep you busy during coronavirus quarantine, or simply want to fix your own or your kids’ clothes, this channel has practical how-to guidance for you.


Missing your facials, hair and waxing appointments, and nail appointments? Learn how to take care of your usual beauty and self-care needs in self-isolation at this channel.

From making your own skincare and hair products to doing your own manicures, you can probably find a step-by-step guide here. You might even get so good at it that you won’t need to head to the salon after quarantine is over.