‘9-1-1’: Will Buck Be OK?

During 9-1-1 Season 3, Episode 16 (titled “The One That Got Away”), Evan “Buck” Buckley comes face-to-face with what could be his future. After an unplanned meeting, he sees what he could become in a few years if he doesn’t make some changes. Here’s why we’re worried about Buck.

Buck is all alone

Oliver Stark on 9-1-1 | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images
Oliver Stark on 9-1-1 | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Buck performs an amazing act of heroism after he jumps through a window to rescue a deaf woman from a burning building. At one point, the rope he’s using to rescue the woman catches fire. However, he acts quickly and jumps to safety with the woman before the rope snaps and the building goes up in flames. Buck’s feat is caught on camera and he makes the nightly news.

Buck decides to go to the bar and celebrate his success, but his firehouse buddies have plans with their partners. This means he’ll have to celebrate alone. All is not lost because Buck meets Red, a retired firefighter, with lots of stories to tell. Things go well until Buck decides to meddle in Red’s life. After Buck learns Red has no friends or family and the woman he loved got away, he tries to intervene. Buck looks for the woman and reunites them, but things go downhill quickly.

It turns out Red’s lost love has dementia. At first, his meeting with the woman goes well, and they talk about old times. However, her memory starts to fade, and she suddenly doesn’t remember who she’s talking to. She becomes afraid and tells Red and Buck to leave her home. This devastates Red, and he asks Buck to leave him alone.

Later in the episode, Red asks Buck to come to the hospital after he becomes ill (he’s dying from mesothelioma). Buck agrees and stays by Red’s side while he’s in the hospital. Red dies soon after he’s discharged.

Buck has suffered a lot of losses

Buck has experienced a lot of loss. |  FOX Image Collection via Getty Images
Buck has experienced a lot of loss. | FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Is Buck destined to die alone, like Red? Just like Red, he had a romantic relationship that didn’t pan out. He was dating 911 dispatcher Abby Clarke (Connie Britton), but their relationship ended after she decided to move to Ireland. Buck considered a long-distance relationship but later decided against it. At one point, Buck’s sister Maddie (Jennifer Love Hewitt) left.

Buck vents to Maddie about his fears. He’s concerned he will end up like Red because he’s so consumed with his job and doesn’t have much time for anything else. Although Maddie says he’s different from Red because he has her, he’s still uncertain about his future.

Is there another chance for Abby and Buck?

Next week, Abby will return to 9-1-1. It’s unclear if Britton is just a guest star or if her character will come back for good. Is her return a sign Abby and Buck will reunite and give love another shot? Despite their age difference (Abby is a bit older than Buck), they seem to work together as a couple.

One thing that’s clear is Buck isn’t happy being alone. He loves his job as a firefighter, but he also desires to have a relationship. Abby could be the one, but their paths went in separate ways. Hopefully, Buck will get his happily ever after.

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