’90 Day Bares All’: Jenny Storms Off After Sumit and His Parents Insult Her Looks

Jenny Slatten reunited with Sumit Singh’s family for 90 Day Bares All. And after all that the brood has been through, it seems like they are still stuck in the same situation. When talking to host Shaun Robinson, Sumit and his parents insulted Jenny’s looks and caused her to storm off camera. 

Jenny and Sumit on '90 Day Fiance'
Jenny and Sumit on ’90 Day Fiance’ | TLC/Youtube

Sumit and Jenny’s relationship has played out over two seasons of ’90 Day Fiance’

On their first season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Sumit and Jenny revealed that they met online over 10 years ago. Pretending to be a 25-year-old European man named Michael Jones, Sumit catfished Jenny and pursued a romantic relationship. 

Jenny was an over 50 divorcee when they met. And after chatting with “Michael” for a few months, she didn’t think the age difference would be an issue. 

“I was skeptical, like why was he choosing me, especially when he was half my age, ” she said in a confessional. “But I just went along with him.” 

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Eventually, Sumit came clean about his true identity, and Jenny forgave him. Jenny, now 63, and Sumit, now 32, have been together ever since. They’ve had a few hiccups, including Sumit’s secret marriage. But Jenny’s age is still the biggest issue for Sumit’s parents, who have been against this relationship from the start.

On ’90 Day Bares All,’ Sumit and his parents insult Jenny’s looks

Sumit and Jenny are updating fans on TLC’s new streaming series, 90 Day Bares All. And in a recent episode, the couple reunited with Sumit’s parents, Anil and Sahna. When talking to Shaun Robinson, Anil insulted Jenny and revealed Sumit was also surprised by her looks when they first met in person.

“I want to say something,” Anil started. “She (Jenny) is very good. I agree. My son is also very good. We also expect the wife of Sumit should be good looking — Sumit was also shocked to see Jenny. The age of Jenny. Sumit, when he saw her first time, he was shocked.”

Jenny was taken aback by the revelation, and she questioned Sumit about it. “It’s shocked not like that, I didn’t feel that the age difference,” Sumit admitted. “But, I didn’t [think] you would look that way.”

“Well, this is the first time I’m ever hearing that from you,” Jenny angrily responded.

Jenny storms off camera 

After seeing how upset Jenny was getting, Sumit tried to justify why he never told her how he felt. “Obviously, who would expect like, do you expect me to say these kinds of things to you?,” he asked. “So, I never said. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

But Jenny seemed like she had enough. She stormed off-camera, while Sumit continued trying to explain his side. 

“I think I should not say this to her, ever, but this is a situation where my father said it, so, I have to admit it and I said this, so I admit it here, I did get shocked,” he said. “Because in that time in 2011, the camera quality was not that good —So what we saw was not like, it don’t look like clear picture. And when I saw her in for real, like, I feel like looks a little more older than whatever I saw on camera.”

Both Shaun and Jenny, who could be heard in the background, brought up the fact that Sumit catfished her with a picture of a different man. “You need to be honest,” Jenny said. “Tell the truth. First of all, I’m not going to sit here and be insulted by everybody telling me I f**king look like an old lady. Who wants to hear that s**t?”

Sumit’s parents looked pretty content seeing Jenny and Sumit argue. Hopefully, the show will bring the family back to see how things panned out afterward.