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On the July 18th episode of 90 Day Diaries, Vanessa Guerra explains to her mother-in-law, Debbie Johnson, that she felt “pressured” by Colt Johnson to get married. Vanessa, who was the former “side chick” of Colt during his last relationship, explained that she felt pressured to wed quickly so that he wouldn’t cheat on her.

Colt Johnson proposing on 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life
Colt Johnson 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life | discovery+

Colt’s dark reputation of cheating on ’90 Day Fiancé’

90 Day Fiancé fans watched Colt look for love in all of the wrong places on many seasons with his ex-wife, Larissa Dos Santos Lima, with Jess Caroline, and eventually while dating before he found Vanessa. Fans remember when Jess found out that Colt was cheating on her with Vanessa for the entirety of their relationship.

Colt has a reputation as a cheater after his previous relationships crashed and burned due to him stepping out. On The Single Life airing on discovery+, Colt tried his hand at dating again and couldn’t find anyone he matched with quite like his then friends with benefits pal, Vanessa. He decided to try to get Vanessa to change his mind about him and give him a chance to be a real romantic partner.

Vanessa agreed to date then by the end of the season. They shocked other Single Life cast members, fans at home, and even Colt’s own mother, Debbie, with the news that he and Vanessa were married. The pair had apparently eloped to Reno just as Colt’s father and mother had, and he didn’t tell a soul about it until he blurted it out at the tell-all episode.

Vanessa felt ‘pressured’ to marry Colt so he wouldn’t ‘stray’

During the episode of 90 Day Diaries, Colt, Vanessa, and Debbie discussed the elopement with each other. Colt told his mother that the sudden wedding “wasn’t part of the plan.” Debbie asked the couple, “Why did you get married that day?” Vanessa told her mother-in-law, “I love him, but at the same time, he kinda pushed me into doing it. I don’t know if I was ready yet.” Colt questioned her, and she confirmed, “You pressured me a little bit, yes.” Colt explained that he felt like his relationship with Vanessa was kind of “stuck in a place where it shouldn’t have been.”

Vanessa told cameras in couples interview the reason why she felt pressured. She said, “I kinda felt like I had to marry him to make sure he doesn’t stray.” Colt said that he married her because he “didn’t want to lose her.” She then said that Colt is her best friend and how she can’t see life without him now, so ultimately, she feels secure in her decision to marry him.

Colt’s infidelity is already becoming an issue in their marriage

Vanessa told cameras, “I know his history of cheating, but he’s always been very good to me. He’s my best friend. And I’m in love.” She told Colt that she doesn’t know if she can “ever fully trust” him, but she’s trying. She said, “I have 90% trust, but there’s still that little 10% that I’m still left wondering.” Colt and Vanessa also continued their issue with wanting different amounts of intimacy. Vanessa said, “Colt likes it three, four, or five times a day, and that’s just not my speed.”


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Vanessa understands that she was the other woman going into this relationship with Colt. She said, “Again, I was the side chick, and who knows if he’s willing to do it again.” However, she’s trying to trust that he’s a “changed man,” like he claims to be. She said, “[There are] lots of beautiful women out there, and Colt is a very horny, horny guy, so, who knows?” She explains that their past does get in the way of their present sometimes and that it’s hard for her to let go. While Colt says that he will never cheat on Vanessa, she’s not quite as convinced.

Circulating all over the internet, Colt was caught sliding into the DMs of a female fan. While it’s not technically cheating to say “hello” to another woman on Instagram, knowing Colt’s history, it’s safe to say that Colt isn’t a changed man, despite what Vanessa thinks.