’90 Day Fiancé’: 2 New Spinoffs Coming to Facebook Watch This Month

90 Day Fiancé has truly proven to be the gift that keeps on giving. When one spinoff ends, another picks up. There is rarely a time that at least one 90 Day Fiancé show is not airing. Now, two more shows are joining the franchise’s already stacked roster.

90 Day Fiancé‘ has been teasing fans

The franchise is always thinking of new ways to tell more stories about international relationships. During the Edinburgh International TV Festival panel, Howard Lee, President and General Manager of TLC told the audience that there was “probably one or two [more shows] that [they] are actively working on”.

“We always want to check in on our fans to ensure that we’re not getting past the tipping point or saturation and that this is something that they’d want to see and so far we’ve been really fortunate that they’re still finding these projects compelling,” he said, according to Deadline.

At the time, there was no set topic for either one of the shows.

“We’re ok if it’s docu-follow or if it’s social experiment, we’re very much open to that. If it’s just plain old dating, it has to be extraordinary, there has to be a hook,” he said. “We’re open arms for anything like that. The casting, at the end of the day, has to be compelling. We’re looking for real people, they don’t have to be glamorous but they could be, they could be from the East Coast or West Coast or any part of America, physically they could be any size, shape, or form, TLC is representative of who our audience looks like.”

Most importantly, they wanted to ensure that each spinoff brought something new to the table and wasn’t just a regurgitation of any of the numerous spinoffs that the franchise had already done.

“It’s very important that we don’t just create a spinoff or sequel just for the sake of it,” Lee said. “We want to make sure that we’re not just ripping ourselves off, franchise after franchise.”

What two shows are coming to Facebook watch?

Now, the franchise is creating a spinoff of a spinoff. Ask Mama Chantel is a spinoff of The Family Chantel which was already a part of the 90 Day Fiancé family. The show will take The Family Chantel’s Karen Everett and have her answering fans’ questions about everything from their love lives to family issues. Ask Mama Chantel will premiere Thursday, October 22, and air weekly on Facebook Watch.


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Fan Favorites David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan have been rising in popularity since being on Pillow Talk. Now, they will also be getting their own show, Spice It Up with David & Annie. The show will allow the couple to show fans some of their favorite Thai recipes and will air weekly on Wednesdays on Facebook Watch starting on Oct. 28.

“David, Annie and Chantel’s mom Karen are three larger-than-life personalities whom fans have fallen in love with over several seasons and spinoffs of the ’90 Day’ franchise,” Lee told Deadline. “While we continue to lead with women audiences in cable, partnering with Facebook Watch lets us go deeper with current ’90 Day’ devotees and expand to all-new digital audiences.”