’90 Day Fiancé’: 4 Possible Reasons Why Armando Won’t Join Kenneth in America, According to Fans

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way flips the script on couples looking for international love. On the original show, Americans bring their foreign fiances to the states. But on The Other Way, we get to see what happens when an American moves to another country for their happily ever after.

Kenneth and Armando are one of the most talked-about couples on the show. However, viewers can’t understand why they want to live in Mexico instead of America. 

Kenneth and Armando are a ’90 Day Fiancé’ fan favorite

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Kenneth and Armando are a fan favorite from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. They’re also the first gay couple on the show. Fans seem to believe they are one of the most stable and loving pairs to be featured. Many even admit that Kenneth and Armando are the only reason they follow the show. 

Kenneth is American from Florida, and has been out since he was a teen. He shares four grown kids with a friend, and now in his 50s, Kenneth has become a grandfather. Although his children are all in their 20s, parenting and family is something that he takes very seriously. 

Armando, who is from San Felipe, Mexico and in his early 30s, is also a father. He was previously married to a woman, and has a six-year-old daughter.

Tragically, his ex-wife died in a car accident. So, Armando is solely responsible for the care of his daughter, something that he takes very seriously. Since he was married to a woman, not everyone in Armando’s life knows that he is gay. He tried coming out once, but because of a negative response from his family, he stopped talking about the issue.

However, after Armando met Kenneth on a social media site for gay dads, their intense connection gave Armando the courage to be honest about his sexuality. The pair began to plan out their future together, and decided that Kenneth would move to Mexico.  But not everyone understands why they decided to settle there. 

Fans believe Armando’s daughter may be the reason they chose Mexico

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Some fans seem to believe that Kenneth and Armando would have a better life in America, so they’re confused as to why the couple chose to settle in Mexico. A recent discussion on Reddit talked about their decision, with fans debating several important points about both sides of issue. 

One fan struggled to understand why the couple would stay in Mexico, since Americans tend to be more open to the gay community. “…[Armando] keeps talking about Mexico not accepting gay people…” They wrote on Reddit, “I really hope this wasn’t done on purpose on the production to have drama and homophobia plague these guys…”

Others quickly chimed in with reasons they believe the couple wanted to settle in Mexico. “I think it’s a combination of his job and not taking his daughter from her extended family,” one person wrote. 

In fact, several people brought up Armando’s daughter as a big contributing factor. “I was thinking maybe his daughter’s maternal side of the family still maintains a relationship with her, and he probably doesn’t want to take her away from them and also his parents,” one fan wrote, and many others seemed to share the same idea.  

Kenneth and Armando may want to settle in Mexico for financial reasons

Another big factor that fans believe swayed Kenneth and Armando’s decision is the cost of living. “Mexico is also a cheaper place to live,” one fan pointed out. 

Both men appear to be financially responsible, and so, some fans think the cost of living alone wouldn’t make a huge difference. But Kenneth is close to retirement age, while Armando is still in his prime working years. Perhaps the couple believed that Mexico would be better for his career. 

“…Armando is much younger, so he’s got some more years of working ahead of him,” one person wrote. “They both seem like smart dudes, so they probably both have or had good-paying jobs. Kenny’s money or pension will go much further in Mexico than in the US. A lot of Americans move to lower cost of living countries in their retirement. Plus Kenny’s kids are adults and Armando has a young daughter. I could see them maybe moving to the US when Armando’s daughter is a little older but for now I think it makes sense to live in Mexico.”

Despite where Kenneth and Armando choose to live, fans love seeing this couple on the show, and believe they deserve a joyful life. After years of watching train wreck relationships on 90 Day Fiance, fans just want to the happy ending.