’90 Day Fiance’: Akinyi Reveals the One Secret About Her Sexuality That She Never Told Benjamin

The couples on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days weren’t exactly completely honest with one another. Almost everyone in the cast had a secret that they were hiding from their partner. Rebecca Parrott didn’t even tell her boyfriend Zied Hakimi that she was still married to her ex-husband until it was almost time for her to come back to the U.S.

And though it might not have been a secret in the usual sense, Akinyi Obala neglected to tell her fiance Benjamin Taylor that once he paid her father the bride price, they would be officially married in Kenya. But that wasn’t the only thing that Obala was keeping from Taylor.

Benjamin 90 Day Fiance
Benjamin Taylor | TLC

Akinyi and Benjamin’s relationship

Tired of dating in America, Taylor broadened his horizons by expanding his geographic preferences on a dating app. When he saw Obala, he was floored and knew that he wanted to be with her. After they started talking, Taylor flew to Kenya to meet Obala’s family and ask if he could marry her.

In Kenya, Taylor expressed concerns about how the potential marriage would affect his son, Grayson. But that wasn’t the only issue that the couple faced. Obala’s family wasn’t exactly warm when they met Taylor as he was the first man that she had ever brought home.

When the family told him that he would have to pay money to marry Obala, he had to admit that he wasn’t very well off, but Obala’s father and Taylor worked out a sort of payment plan for him to marry Obala.

What secret did Akinyi keep from Benjamin about her sexuality?

Throughout the season, Obala and Taylor were pretty open with one another. When Taylor had fears about getting married, he let Obala know and they worked through it.

But still, Obala decided to keep one thing from Taylor.

During a question and answer session on Instagram, a follower asked her about her sexual preferences.

“Would you be curious to try it with a female?” the user asked her.

“I was. I did. I’m straight,” she responded.

“How does your husband feel about you being with a [woman] in your past?” another person wrote.

“I honestly don’t know,” Obala said. “I don’t remember telling him either. So I’ll probably get to know today.”

For many people, this secret would not be a huge deal, but as Taylor is a conservative Christian who is studying to become an ordained minister, this revelation might be a bit shocking.

Has Akinyi met Benjamin’s son?

During the season, Taylor’s son was an issue for both Obala and Taylor. Taylor worried how the sudden marriage would affect his child and Obala worried about becoming a stepmother. Obala has not met Taylor’s son yet as she hasn’t been approved for the K-1 visa to come to America, but Taylor’s ex already has some things to say about the potential meeting.

“No one just becomes a step-parent,” Taylor’s ex-wife Hanekawa Dravon wrote on Instagram. “By marriage, technically yes, you are a step-parent if your spouse has a child from a previous relationship. But by NO MEANS does that mean you have that level of a relationship with that child from day one.”

“When my current partner met my son, he met him as a friend,” she continued. “He got to know him and grow to understand what he meant to him. My son is smart and he told ME that my partner was his stepdad.”

“I’m deeply concerned when someone pushes a person into a role they are not prepared for mentally,” she wrote. “If he wants this relationship to work he will let her guide that pace. Let her get acclimated with a new country and life before shoving the role of stepmom on her. Just my 5 cents,” she concluded.