’90 Day Fiancé’: Andrei Castravet Admits He ‘Crossed the Line’ With Elizabeth Potthast’s Father

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Andrei Castravet has been going through quite a lot. After almost getting in a physical fight with his wife’s brother, Charlie, things are tense between Andrei and his wife, Elizabeth Potthast Castravet. Although they’re in Moldova for what’s supposed to be a beautiful second wedding, things have been filled with drama from the start.

Andrei Castravet has words with Elizabeth Potthast’s father and brother

90 Day Fiancé Elizabeth and Andrei
’90 Day Fiancé’ stars Elizabeth and Andrei | via Instagram

Elizabeth’s father, Chuck, and her brother, Charlie, arrived in Moldova ahead of the other members of their family. When they go out to a unique restaurant to meet up with Andrei’s friends and family, things get bad when Chuck and Charlie start asking questions. They want to know more about Andrei’s past, and they inquire about what Andrei did for work while living in Ireland. It’s pretty obvious that Andrei isn’t feeling the conversation, and when Chuck asks the table another question, things get tense, especially with drinks involved.

Chuck asks what everyone thought when Andrei met Elizabeth in Ireland and the potential of him moving to America with her. “Don’t start… over the Green Card now,” Andrei tells him. When Chuck continues, Andrei says, “Dude, Chuck, come on. Why is he starting about this now?”

Charlie then says that from their eyes, it seems like Andrei moved to Ireland to get to America, and that’s when things get heated. Andrei ends up telling Charlie that they can talk outside, and they both eventually stand up and get in each other’s faces. Luckily things don’t actually get physical, but the damage is done.

Andrei admits he ‘crossed the line’ with Elizabeth’s father

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After the awkward night’s events where Elizabeth had to tell Andrei to leave with her to avoid any more drama, they finally talk about what happened. Elizabeth and Andrei walk around in the brisk morning air in the light of day with fresh eyes on the situation. Elizabeth is still upset, and honestly, who wouldn’t be in her position?

“I’ve never seen you act that way,” Elizabeth tells Andrei. “I’ve never seen that look in your eyes before. You were so enraged.” Andrei says he’s sorry, but that isn’t going to cut it, not by a long shot. Andrei tells the producers that he was “offended” at the time, which was evident.

Andrei blames the alcohol for the reason why he was acting the way he was. “Babe, it’s the alcohol,” Andrei insists. That doesn’t seem to matter though, and Elizabeth tells Andrei that he needs to apologize to her father and brother.

“I’m going to apologize, maybe,” Andrei tells her. “Because I said too much and the alcohol was speaking.”

Andrei tells the cameras that he agrees that he “crossed the line” with Elizabeth’s father. “Today, I little bit agree with the fact that I crossed the line with Chuck. I shouldn’t have said all of the mean things to him, but I did,” Andrei admits.

Andrei takes the time to speak with Chuck and Charlie, and he does eventually apologize to them both. However, tensions are still running high. Will the second wedding in Moldova actually happen? Or will the drama keep Elizabeth and Andrei from having their second wedding? We’ll have to see what happens next.