’90 Day Fiancé’: Angela Deem Doesn’t Hold Back When It Comes to Her Thoughts on the Bed in Her New Apartment in Nigeria

On this week on 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Angela Deem goes to Nigeria to get married to Michael Ilesanmi. But before getting married, she needs to see the apartment that Michael rented for them during her stay. She is concerned about what Michael found for them, and the bed inside the apartment leaves a lot to be desired. Read on to learn the colorful language Angela uses to describe it.

Angela Deem goes to see her apartment in Nigeria

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Angela says she’s “nervous” about what Michael picked out for them. “I hope you ain’t mess up Michael because I’m in a good mood,” she tells him. Angela is surprisingly happy with the apartment, for the most part at least. However, then she sits on the bed and gets a rude awakening. It’s extremely hard and not what she was hoping for.

Angela expresses her thoughts about the bed

“Oh hell no,” Angela says as she sits on the hard bed. “This bed is hard. I will never get out of bed. You know I have back problems.” She tells him she can’t lay on the mattress. “Well if you want me to stay here, get me a soft bed,” Angela says.

“It’s hard as an erection,” Angela laughs as she tells the cameras. She isn’t holding back on her thoughts about the bed. “You gotta correct some things, and if he wants some sex, he better do it quick,” Angela explains.

Angela checks out the kitchen and finds a rat

Angela is pleasantly surprised with everything except for the bed, that is until she steps into the kitchen. She sees a dead rat on a trap, and she isn’t having any of it. “Michael, get it out of here,” she tells him. “That rat was huge,” Angela says.

Michael picks up the rat, since Angela says she’s an American woman and she isn’t going to do it. Michael playfully pretends to run at her with the dead rat, and she closes the door to get away from it as she screams. “You’re done,” she tells him.

Angela says that she thinks Michael did a good job, and that’s despite the hard bed and the dead rat in the kitchen.

Fans react to Angela’s first time in the apartment


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One fan says it seemed like they were having fun together in the new apartment. “It looked like Angela and Michael were having fun together in their little apartment,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

Another fan says Angela needs to “calm down.” “Angela screaming over a rat, and complaining about a bed, calm down Spongebob,” a Twitter user wrote.

“Angela acting like she’s never seen a rat in Georgia,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

One fan likes that Angela laughs at her own jokes, like when she made some comments about the bed. “Angela laughing at her own jokes makes her the most relatable,” a Twitter user expressed.

Angela’s trip to Nigeria is already turning out to be quite eventful so far, and it’s not over yet.