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In season 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Angela Deem prepares for her first trip to Nigeria to see Michael Ilesanmi. She has a get together with friends that she calls a “bon voyage party.” While out, she reveals to some of them some surprising information about why Michael can’t have pictures of Angela in his phone. Read on to learn more.

Angela Deem and her friends get together for her going away party before she heads off to Nigeria

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Angela goes to a bar to celebrate her impending trip to meet Michael. It’s going to be their first-time meeting, and expectations are high. Angela’s friends gather around her cake, which says, “Bon voyage congratulations Momma/Michael.” The cake is in the colors of the Nigerian flag, which makes it perfect for the occasion.

Angela sits at the bar and says, “I never ever wanted to leave my country. I am an American.” Angela laughs after saying it, clearly enjoying herself. She shows off a picture of Michael to some of her friends, and one of them asks how old he is. Angela says he’s 30, and that they haven’t met yet.

“I get when people come up and talk about Michael and I it’s crazy like just to go over there for someone you didn’t meet,” Angela tells the cameras. “But I’m doing this because I really love him, and I wouldn’t be going to Nigeria if I didn’t feel he was doing it for the right things.”

Angela and her friends yell, “Nigeria” as Angela cuts the cake and the night continues.

Angela reveals why Michael says he doesn’t have pictures of her in his phone

Angela heads outside for a cigarette, and her friend lights one for her. She mentions that Michael says she can’t smoke in front of his mother and himself. She also brings up things that they argue about, including him not having pictures of her in his phone.

“A lot of things we get into arguments about like keeping my pictures,” Angela says. “Now that’s the main thing. I would say, ‘Michael you ain’t got my pictures on the phone?’ And he’s like, ‘No.’”


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“Michael doesn’t have any pictures of me on his phone,” Angela reveals to the cameras. “He says that if the police pull him over, they check their phones, they would see me, and they would think automatically that he’s scamming me, and they would take him to jail. And I believe that.”

Angela continues talking to her friends about it. “And he’s like, ‘They’ll arrest me ‘cause I’m young, and they’ll think I’m scamming,’” Angela tells her friends. Angela clearly believes him, and says she trusts him.

“I feel Michael’s different,” Angela tells the cameras. “There’s just a hair, that doubt people throw in your head. It’s scary. It’s very scary. I mean if he’s really scamming me, I need to know. So this trip is going to tell all.”

Angela ends up meeting Michael in Nigeria, and they are still together to this day.