’90 Day Fiancé’: Angela Deem Says She Isn’t ‘Putting up With Side Chicks’

On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem is back in Nigeria to finally marry Michael Ilesanmi, and it’s been quite eventful so far. Angela is 54 and from Hazlehurst, GA. Michael on the other hand, is 31 and from Lagos, Nigeria, and he’s eager to have a baby. It’s something his family expects from him, and it’s a source of constant tension in the relationship.

Angela just learned that she has no more eggs left, and at her age, a pregnancy could be full of complications. This puts things into question about whether or not Angela should “tote a baby” for Michael or not. However, one thing is certain: Angela isn’t going to be putting up with other women in the picture.

Angela gets some news from her doctor

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

After Angela experiences some bleeding, she goes to her gynecologist. Her doctor is concerned Angela could have cancer. She has to go through an endometrial biopsy to rule out cancerous cells.

After filling Michael in on things, Angela gets her results from her doctor via video chat, and it’s good news. She doesn’t have cancer, but when news of a baby comes up, the doctor explains that there could be complications at Angela’s age. She no longer has any eggs left, but she could still “tote a baby.” It’s a lot to think about, considering how badly Michael and his family want him to have a baby.

Michael speaks to his aunt about children

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Michael meets up with his Aunt Lydia before Angela’s arrival in Nigeria. The conversation steers toward having children, since that’s what’s expected from Michael after he gets married.

Lydia asks Michael if he thinks Angela is really serious about having children. He tells Lydia that the last time Angela came to Nigeria, they went to a fertility clinic, and Angela knows how important it is for Michael to have a child of his own.

“Nigerian men have three wives, two wives, even concubine. She’s not going to allow that?” Lydia asks Michael. “Even she would not allow you to just have a baby with a woman and not marry her?” Michael shakes his head no, because he already knows how Angela feels about things.

“We as in Nigeria, we have a culture. A man can marry like two wives,” Lydia explains to producers. “If Angela could permit Michael to have a second wife, the wife might have the child and bring the child to Angela’s care. There’s no problem about it.”

Angela speaks with Lydia and tells her she isn’t ‘putting up with side chicks’

On the most recent episode, Angela and Michael try out some wedding cake options, and Aunt Lydia and Michael’s half-sister Bukky come along. The wedding is brought up, and Lydia says the family would like to help pay for some of it, which is relieving to here for the couple.

When the topic of babies gets brought up, Angela updates them on the news that she no longer has any eggs of her own. “I went to a gynecologist, and she told me that I don’t have any eggs. My age toting a baby could really health risk me. It’s a potential I can tote one, but it’s really… We need to think about this,” Angela explains to them.

This doesn’t seem to please Michael’s family. Angela decides to get real, and she says it’s “very sad” that Michael thinks he needs to “satisfy” his family with a child.

“I think it’s very sad that he feels that he has to satisfy the family,” Angela says. “I think that’s very wrong. Yes, it’s the culture, but if we can’t, then that shouldn’t put a burden on him to have to leave me. Even as a Nigerian man, let him be his own man. Because I’m not putting up with side chicks. I’m not doing that. I’m not putting up with a second wife. I’m not doing that.”

Lydia tells Angela that they aren’t going to be happy about that, but Michael’s mother is the one to worry about in the situation. It’s unclear how this will affect Michael’s mother’s opinion on the subject. Could it keep Angela and Michael from getting married? Hopefully, things will work out for them.