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On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem returns to Nigeria to marry Michael Ilesanmi. However, things are rocky already because Angela has revealed to Michael’s half-sister Bukky and his Aunt Lydia that she no longer has any eggs. She can still “tote a baby” for Michael, but it could lead to complications for her at the age of 54. No one is happy at the thought of Michael not having any children of his own, and Lydia has mentioned Michael taking a second wife before. However, Angela has made it clear that she won’t be dealing with “side chicks.”

Angela proves to everyone that she won’t be submissive, and this causes problems when she meets up with Michael’s Aunt Lydia.

Angela Deem reveals her fertility issues to some of Michael’s family

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Michael really wants a child, and his entire family is expecting him to have one. However, Angela’s doctor revealed to her and Michael that there are risks involved with Angela having a child at her age. It’s something they need to talk about.

In a previous conversation with his Aunt Lydia, children are brought up, and Lydia reminds Michael that he can always take another wife or have someone else have a baby for him. “Nigerian men have three wives, two wives, even a concubine. She’s not going to allow that?” Lydia asks Michael. “Even she would not allow you to just have a baby with a woman and not marry her?” Michael shakes his head, because he already knows the answer.

Angela and Michael meet up with Bukky and Lydia to try out wedding cakes, and Angela tells them about her fertility issues. “I went to a gynecologist, and she told me that I don’t have any eggs. My age toting a baby could really health risk me. It’s a potential I can tote one, but it’s really… We need to think about this,” Angela tells them.

This news has clearly caused a lot of tension in the family, and Michael and Angela still have to worry about telling Michael’s mother. It’s a hard pill to swallow. “Michael knows as a Nigerian, once you got married, the next thing people will be looking for is your baby,” Lydia says.

Angela explains that she won’t be putting up with side chicks or other wives. Lydia tells producers she “wasn’t happy” with the news that Angela doesn’t have any eggs left. Angela has made her opinion known that she’ll be the only woman in Michael’s life. She won’t put up with other wives or side chicks.

Lydia says that the family isn’t going to be happy about the news either. This has certainly led to issues, and in the upcoming episode, things are heating up between Lydia and Angela for other reasons.

Angela says the wedding is off and walks away from Michael’s Aunt Lydia


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Angela has clearly laid down the law and let everyone know her feelings, including that she won’t be putting up with a second wife in order for Michael to have a child. She has her own opinions, but it sounds like everyone is expecting Angela to be submissive to Michael, and she tells Lydia that it won’t be happening.

In a brand-new sneak peek of the upcoming episode, Michael’s Aunt Lydia is back, and this time she’s getting real with her feelings. Angela and Michael had to go to a marriage counselor to get approval to get married in Nigeria, and Lydia asks how it went. Angela tells her that they want her to be “submissive,” and she won’t do that.

Michael tries to say something about it, and Angela accuses Michael of being different in front of Aunt Lydia. This is just adding more tension, considering the rest of the family isn’t going to be happy about Angela’s fertility issues.

When Angela is in the bathroom, Lydia tells Michael how she really feels. “She wants to be the boss,” Lydia tells Michael. “She’s bossy, can’t you see that?” Michael holds his head, as if unsure of how to respond to the way things are unfolding. Of course, he doesn’t want to be put in the middle, but unfortunately, he already is.

“It’s as if Angela is treating him like a child,” Lydia tells producers.

When Angela returns, Lydia makes a comment about their marriage, which prompts Angela to get up and leave the table. “But with this kind of attitude, I don’t know about your marriage,” Aunt Lydia says.

In the next scene, Angela gets up and walks away. “This wedding’s off,” Angela says. It’s unclear how things will be repaired. There is clearly a lot of tension ever since Angela revealed to Lydia that there could be complications of her having a child and the fact that she no longer has any eggs left.

What causes all the problems? Aunt Lydia sees a different side to Angela over drinks, and blatantly tells Michael that she’s “bossy.” After this conversation, the family isn’t going to be happy about the way things are going.

Angela makes it clear that she won’t be submissive, which might be hard for Michael’s family to understand. Add in the fact that carrying a child could be complicated for Angela and she won’t put up with a second wife, and it looks like there could be some major problems in the future.

Michael’s family offered to help pay for the wedding, but will they still do that now? Who knows how this will affect Angela and Michael’s impending nuptials? Only time will tell.