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On 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After, Angela Deem is currently in Nigeria where she plans to finally marry Michael Ilesanmi. Although her trip has been absolutely full of drama, it looks like the wedding is still on, at least for now. After dealing with a health scare and learning of the complications involved in “toting a baby,” Angela has to tell Michael the news. Although he chooses to be with her regardless of having children or not, it’s still a more than stressful time for them both.

Angela and Michael spend their bachelor and bachelorette parties together, and things end up being more than eventful for all the wrong reasons.

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi go to a strip club

Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi
Angela Deem and Michael Ilesanmi | deemangela via Instagram

Angela and Michael are dressed up for a night on the town as they go to a local strip club to celebrate their impending nuptials. Angela wears a “Bride to Be” sash, and looks excited to have a fun night out. Both Angela and Michael have party favors on and are eager to celebrate.

When it becomes apparent that they’re in a strip club, Angela still chooses to stay and have a good time. “When I arrive to this club, all I see is women, strippers half-naked. I’m really pissed right now,” Angela tells the cameras. “Like did you really bring me and my friend to a club like this? But I decide to stay, because you know what? Let’s make a positive out of this damn negative. But I’m here to tell you, Michael better be on his best d*** behavior. He better steer clear of them women, and keep his eye on me, or he’s gonna have problems.”

Angela thinks she sees Michael looking at another woman

Angela and Michael take the time to dance and enjoy themselves, but it doesn’t last long. The next scene cuts to a woman on all fours wearing provocative clothing.

“I don’t want my man, when I go out here to pay attention to anyone but me,” Angela tells the cameras. “And that’s who I am.”

Angela thinks she saw Michael staring at another woman dancing, and she isn’t happy about it. “I didn’t go to this party to watch Michael watch **** and a** when you ain’t f***** me but once,” Angela tells the cameras.


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Next, Angela walks out of the establishment, clearly upset. “Angela was just accusing me of looking at women dancing…” Michael says. “I wasn’t. To be honest, she overreacted. I was just like concentrating on my fiancé.”

The fighting even continues in the car on the way back to the apartment. What does this mean for their relationship in the future?

Fans are definitely looking forward to more from Angela and Michael in Nigeria. Is this wedding going to actually happen? Or will Angela call it off again? It’s unclear at this point.