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Multiple cast members of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days had to figure out if they were falling for someone who’s real or fake. David Murphey previously hired a private investigator to get help.

Now another star is going to get similar help. Find out who it is and more about an upcoming episode.

David Murphey hired a private investigator on ’90 Day Fiancé

David Murphey of 90 Day Fiance lana
David Murphey | Instagram @davidjmurphey

Murphey was talking to a woman named Lana, who lives in Russia for seven years. He has tried to meet her in Russia multiple times, but she always found a reason to not see him.

“The first time, she did stand me up. Second time, her brother died. Third time, she had a medical issue. She had to go have surgery and it put her out of commission for three weeks,” he said on the show.

He decided to go to a home address she gave him when she failed to meet him again. It was the wrong address so he hired a private investigator. The investigator said she had profiles on multiple dating websites. This angered Murphey so he fired the investigator.

We later find out Lana is real. They actually met in Russia. He told her he went to her address and Lana admitted she gave him a fake one. Now another star is going to use a private investigator.

Yolanda Leak might be getting scammed

The season started with Leak saying she has a relationship with a man in Manchester, England named Williams. However, there were multiple suspicious things about him.

He didn’t sound like someone who lives in England when they spoke over the phone. Leaks also admitted that they haven’t done a video call so she’s never seen him.

Her daughter, Kara also found out Williams’ picture is a stock photo. She looked up his phone number and found it was from Nigeria. Leak still had hope that Williams is real.

Yolanda will hire an investigator to find Williams


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We might finally see Leak get answers about the man she’s been talking to all this time. E! News shared a sneak peek at the upcoming episode.

The clip shows Kara revealing she hired a private investigator to convince her mother that she’s being scammed. “I’ve been trying to convince my mom that Williams has been scamming her,” she said. “But I found out my mom is still talking to Williams and I need to shut this whole thing. This has gone on long enough. I don’t want to see my mom being taken advantage of. I just want something better for her.”

Leak said she has agreed to speak to the investigator. Kara said she found out her mom is still in contact with Williams. Leak said, “I told him that I was feeling like he left me completely by myself.”

Hopefully this mystery will finally be solved. The new episode airs on Sunday, May 31 on TLC.