’90 Day Fiancé’: Are Benjamin and Akinyi Still Together in 2021?

90 Day Fiancé has been successfully franchising many of its cast members into spinoffs or successor seasons. However, fans haven’t seen much of Benjamin Taylor or Akinyi Obala since they first appeared on the show. Now that it’s been some time, it seems as if Akinyi might actually be in the United States. Was Benjamin Taylor able to pay Akinyi’s bride price completely, and are Benjamin and Akinyi still together in 2021?

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Benjamin struggled with Akinyi’s bride price

Are 90 Day Fiancé stars Benjamin and Akinyi still together?
Benjamin and Akinyi of 90 Day Fiancé| TLC/YouTube

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90 Day Fiancé couple Benjamin and Akinyi met when Benjamin decided to expand his geographical search for a partner who shared his conservative Christian values. When he discovered Akinyi, he feared she was a catfish. 

The two eventually met up in Kenya, where Benjamin met Akinyi’s family for the first time. Suffice it to say, there were major cultural differences. Akinyi’s family was not so sure about the 90 Day Fiancé hopeful — they felt he wasn’t much of an “alpha” male. 

Akinyi’s brother specifically was very unsure about the bachelor. She revealed that her brother and father were notoriously “strict,” and that her brother often interfered in her relationships. Eventually, her brother agreed that the two could marry. They worked out a bride price for Akinyi.

“It’s meant to say ‘thank you for raising this child to a certain point,’” Akinyi said of the bride price.

Benjamin was not able to pay the bride price he originally suggested of 80,000 shillings, or about $800, a figure low enough to shock Akinyi’s family. She informed him that typically, a bride price for a woman of her education would start at around $3,000. 

Her father was able to work out a payment plan for Benjamin, though there may be something of a catch for the reality star — it’s unclear if he ever specified an exact amount for the bride price, and so he may wind up paying installments for quite some time.

Akinyi dishes on step-parenting

When it comes to Akinyi and Benjamin’s 90 Day Fiancé relationship, Benjamin’s son from another relationship was something worth considering. It certainly will factor into whether or not Akinyi and Benjamin are still together. 

“I usually don’t know how to answer this question because there are so many angles you can look at in becoming a step-parent,” Akinyi told Channel 24 when asked about her future status as a step-mother.

“I don’t think his son lacks parental support in any sense. He has both the love of his biological mom and dad, and I don’t think I need to step in as anything but a friend,” she added.

“I think he has both his parents and they’re doing a great job raising him; my role is to be a guardian and a friend.”

‘90 Day Fiancé’: Are Benjamin and Akinyi still together in 2021? 

It seems as if 90 Day Fiancé couple Benjamin and Akinyi are still together in 2021, and as a matter of fact, it looks like the two have tied the knot in the U.S. 

A Redditor posted a wedding invitation from Benjamin and Akinyi that suggested they were married on April 10, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona. While it is unclear if Benjamin is still paying off Akinyi’s bride price, it does seem she was finally able to make her big move.